Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*]

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Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*] Empty Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*]

Post  Remus Lupin on December 12th 2010, 11:31 pm

Most of this was written around midnight-1am.ish which is good...cause I don't think I could have written most of it while really awake. I'd have died from the smut. *is a pathetic smut writer*
So..yeah...I never want to write a smut scene by myself ever again. *so dead*
*runs off and hides forever and ever in a closet or votever*


“What are you going to do after you leave school, Moony?” A boy of seventeen lounged back in his chair, tilting it back on its back legs. His friend under questioning gave the dangerous angle at which the chair was tilting a wary look.

“Don’t you ask me that practically every other week? You honestly can’t be that forgetful.” The second boy sighed, looking back down at the book that was lying on the table in front of him, playing with the corners of the pages absentmindedly. “Teach, I guess. I don’t think I’d be good at much else.”

The first boy scoffed, reaching out to grip the edge of the table to prevent the chair from almost falling over. “Oh come on, Remus. You’re always selling yourself short. You should come learn how to be an Auror with me and James. It’d be fun!”

Remus doesn’t think that’d be fun at all. Well, of course it’d be fun to see his friends a lot, because he’s pretty sure he won’t be seeing much of them after they all graduate, but he honestly doesn’t think he’d be good at that particular job. “Sorry, Sirius. As much as it would be fun to join you all in your adventures I think I’m much better suited for a quieter career. Not that teaching a whole bunch of unruly kids could be considered quiet, but I think I can manage it better, thanks.”

Sirius rolled his eyes and looked around, thoroughly bored. That’s why he had even asked that question in the first place – he was bored. Being in the library for several hours was just not what he considered an enjoyable way to spend one’s afternoon. The only reason he was even doing this was so he could hang out with Remus.

That was one of the only things that really bugged him about his best friend. Remus Lupin liked to spend way too much time reading or studying in the library. Sirius liked running around or spending time outdoors. He wilted in the dark, dusty confines of the huge room stuffed full of books. Books.
What kind of book didn’t have pictures? Definitely not the fun ones. Sirius hardly ever cracked open a book unless he necessarily had to.

He snuck a glance over at his friend who was totally oblivious at the moment, lost as he was in some boring book he apparently found interesting and that Sirius would probably never touch. Remus wasn’t the best looking guy in the school but there was still something about him that appealed to Sirius. He couldn’t quite place it, but then again Sirius never gave much thought to why he was interested in someone – he just knew if he was or wasn’t. Of course he had tried to give it some thought at first when he had first realized he was interested in his best friend, who just happened to be of the same gender. The reasoning behind his feelings had always escaped him, but generally he wasn’t much of a deep thinker, so he’d just go with just knowing he had feelings for Remus.

“Do you want to go?” Sirius blinked, coming out of his zoned state to see Remus looking up at him. He reddened slightly, wondering if Remus had noticed how long he’d been staring at him.

“Er, you know I never want to be in here, Moony.” He tilted back in his chair again, slightly further than before. “Can’t we go outside and enjoy the fresh air until we have no choice but be locked inside for days on end to study for those ridiculous finals?”

Ah, the whining. Remus rolled his eyes and looked back down at his book. “You’re welcome to go outside if you’d like. I’d be careful if I was you or you’ll find yourself on the floor from tilting your chair like that.”

“Sure, sure, whatever you say. I’ve done this loads of times and haven’t fallen once-“ his hand slipped breaking his hold on the table edge and the chair fell back with a nice loud thump to the floor.

“Ow...” Sirius winced. Hearing Remus’ chair scoot back he opened his eyes to see his friend standing over him, trying to keep a smug look from showing on his face.

“Learned our lesson, have we? You know, I think I will go outside for a while. That lovely bench in the courtyard would be a perfect place to study for a bit before dinner. See you.” Remus grabbed his book and waved cheerfully down at Sirius as he walked off.

Damn it... As much as he loved the guy, Remus could be so infuriating some times. Sirius stood, setting the chair upright, and then made a quick escape before Madam Pince, the strict librarian, could come and berate him for disturbing the peace and quiet of the stuffy library.


“Why’s Sirius giving you the evil eye, huh?” James had to ask after watching Sirius send angry looks in Remus’ direction during dinner for the past twenty minutes.

Remus shrugged, taking a sip of his pumpkin juice. “Maybe he’s just still mad that I walked off and left him in the library after he stupidly fell over because he wouldn’t listen to me.”

“Whatever.” Sirius sniffed, flicking peas in Remus’ direction. Remus sighed and decided to just silently put up a shield charm. The peas bounced off it and landed elsewhere. A couple accidentally landed in Peter’s drink, who didn’t notice until he picked the goblet up to drain it. He coughed and tried to spit them out, to which all the surrounding students who noticed expressed their disgust by loud ‘EWW!’s.

“Ew, come on guys! That wasn’t funny...” Red-faced, Peter poked stubbornly at his potatoes, ignoring the laughs from some of the other students.

“Sorry about that, Pete.” Remus apologized. Sirius was trying not to laugh but was obviously having much trouble, as he decided it’d just be better to stuff his face with food to prevent himself from making any noise. This lead to a disgusted look from Remus, who believed proper table manners were a must.

Sirius, being Sirius, chose that time to mention something to James, which of course meant talking with his mouth full. Remus rolled his eyes and went back to eating, oblivious to the constant looks his friend was sneaking of him every few minutes.

The rest of dinner passed by fairly uneventfully. It wasn’t till after dinner that something really interesting happened.

Everyone was finishing when Professor Dumbledore stood up, raising his hands to address the students and faculty. Silence began to descend upon everyone and the headmaster cleared his throat, causing the last few talking to shush and pay attention.

“As you all are aware, the end of another year approaches. This year we’ve decided to have an end of year social to give our graduates a fun send off. If it goes well and there aren’t any incidents we’re going to consider making it a yearly event.” There was an excited murmur spreading throughout the room, silenced by Dumbledore raising his hands again to gain everyones’ attention. “The social will take place the day after the end of finals. More details will be given by the end of next week. Now, time for bed and pleasant dreams to all!”


“So, a proper send off, eh?” Sirius’ voice came from over at the other side of the dorm. He was lying on the floor, too lazy to get up from trying to dig under everyone’s beds to look for a missing shoe.

Peter was sitting on his bed, worriedly looking over an essay he was sure he was going to fail anyway. James had given up on trying to make his hair look neater and less rustled up, and had settled for just laying back on his pillows, staring dreamily up at the ceiling.

“Do you think I should ask Evans to go with me? I mean, it is a dance to after all, and she’s been a bit nicer lately.”

Sirius rolled his eyes, rolling over to lie on his stomach and propping his elbows on the floor, resting his chin in his hands. “I suppose you could try. At least we know that by this point she won’t be hitting you anymore.”

James shrugs, nodding in agreement. “That’s true. She hasn’t hit me since last year. That’s definitely a good sign. She even smiled slightly the other day when I told her how pretty that shirt she was wearing matched her eyes. She would have denied it if I had pointed it out, but it was there. Oh, Lily! You have entranced me so!” He sighed dramatically.

Sirius mimed vomiting onto the carpet and Remus, catching the movement out of the corner of his eye, snorted in amusement. He was currently sitting on his bed, a book lying open in his lap.

“Laugh all you want you two, I know that one day all my hard effort OF SEVEN YEARS will pay off.” James sniffs. He shoots a questioning look in Sirius’ direction. “And what about you, Pads? What lovely lady will you be asking to accompany you to this most fabulous occasion?”

Sirius shrugs, shooting a quick glance in Remus’ direction before looking down at the floor in front of him, picking absently at a hole in the rug. “Actually, I was planning on going without a date.”

He was still too busy looking down at the carpet to notice Remus’ head shoot up real quickly in surprise, an unreadable look upon his face. Just as quickly, Remus looked back down at his book, pretending to read the words printed on its pages, but actually becoming much more attentive to the conversation at hand.

“Without, huh? I can see the advantages to that.” James nods, grinning. “Planning on maybe interrupting a few other dates or some other surprise attack?”

“Er...something like that.”

“Well, you never fail to disappoint me, Mr. Black. I look forward to it!”

“I won’t let you down.” Sirius grinned, hoping his smile looked even remotely mischievous like it usually did when he was supposed to be planning something good. “What about you, Moony? We all know a few girls or so that would just love to have you for a date. Don’t see why you’d let it go to waste.”

Remus looked up, looking between James and Sirius, both who were looking at him expectantly for some sort of reply, and shrugged. Peter was even looking over to see what he’d say. Remus wondered suddenly if Peter would ask someone. He probably would cause Peter, even though he knew he generally had no hope, at least tried. Remus wouldn’t bother because he knew it’d be hopeless. Especially with the person he wanted to ask. “Well, they’ll just have to deal because I’m not even sure if I’m going or not.” He looked back down at his book, turning a page. “Besides, even if I did go I wouldn’t ask anyone. I’m a terrible dancer and I’m just not all that interested in sitting about having a girl chatter my ear off.”

Sirius’ face fell when Remus mentioned that he might not even go to the dance. Well, he would definitely find some way to persuade him to go by the time of the dance. No use worrying about it now. “Um, Remus, you already sit around a lot and listen to me chatter your ear off.”

“Yes, Sirius, I know. Except, you’re not a girl.” Remus points out, not even looking up from his book. Sirius wonders at the slight hint of disappointment he hears in his friend’s voice. Maybe he was just imagining it.

In fact, Remus was disappointed - disappointed because it’d be easier to admit out loud that he’d fallen in love with his best friend...if his best friend was a girl. He didn’t expect the best of reactions if he admitted out loud that he had feelings for his male friend.

“Well, still. You should come along anyway. I mean, if I don’t have a date then I’ll need someone fun to sit around with. What about you, Wormtail? Asking anyone?”

Peter turned slightly pink at being addressed and included into the conversation. Generally he was used to being in the background, but on the rare occasion that he was included and asked questions...well, it made him feel special. “Actually,” he squeaked out, accidentally dropping his quill, which fluttered to the floor, “I was planning on asking Evelyn.”

“Oh, Evelyn, huh?” Sirius picked up Peter’s quill, waving it about and then, in a bored manner, levitated the quill back to land on Peter’s head. “Well, good luck with that, Pete. She’s a pretty one.”

Peter turned beet red and decided, instead of saying something in reply and sounding squeaky, he’d just keep his mouth shut.

“Well,” James yawned, crawling under the covers of his messy, already unmade bed, “I’m heading off to sleep. Have to look my best tomorrow if I’m going to ask Evans to this social thing. Night, fellow Marauders!” And with that he’d already drifted off to asleep, light snores coming from his direction.

Remus decided getting to sleep sounded like a good idea and quickly followed suit. Peter and Sirius both eventually made it to sleep as well - though Sirius could not help stealing one last quick glance over at his sleeping friend. He liked how peaceful Remus looked in his sleep; he only wished Remus could look that peaceful every night.


The last few weeks of the semester seemed to drag for those who were especially looking forward to the promised social.

Sirius was getting more and more bummed by the lack of interest shown by his best friend. Every chance he got he was trying to convince Remus to come to the social. It seemed like it was going to be futile.

Until the week before, that was. After much begging and pleading and complaining about how bored he’d be, since Peter was going with Evelyn and James had actually managed to convince Lily it’d be fun to go with him, Remus had agreed to go. Of course he had told Sirius that he wouldn’t have to even bother with him if he’d only just ask some girl to come with him, but Sirius had just waved his hand dismissively.

So now, with a week to go and the promise of Remus’ attendance, Sirius was quite spirited, running about and being generally disruptive. Remus was kind of starting to regret agreeing to go, even though he really was quite glad to get to spend the time with Sirius.

“Sirius, sit down!” Remus reached out, taking hold of Sirius’ arm and tugging him down onto the couch next to him. “You do still have to get through the last few final exams.”

Sirius pouted and flopped onto his side, resting his head on Remus’ lap. “But I have all this pent up energy! We’ve been spending way too much time shut up in here. Mooooony, I’m bored!”

“Here,” Remus dropped a textbook onto Sirius’ chest, “Entertain yourself by studying.”

Sirius sighed heavily, glaring up at Remus as he grudgingly opened the book. “Can’t you lighten up once in a while, Moony?”

“Sure,” Remus replied without even looking up from his own book, “at the end of this week. How does that sound?”

Sirius grumbled incoherently and tried to study.


“End of year social or not, this really isn’t my sort of thing.” Remus sulked, sitting at one of the decorated tables with his arms crossed. He was really wishing they would turn the music down. His hearing was way too sensitive for this.

Sirius grinned, seemingly enjoying himself. “Cheer up, Moons. It’ll get better. Damn, I wish they had some firewhiskey. We should have tried sneaking some in. Imagine if we managed to get it into the juice. Make for some interesting scenes, eh?” Remus just shrugged, wondering what time it was so he would know how long he had to wait till he could leave.

Sirius on the other hand was hoping Remus wasn’t planning on leaving anytime soon, at least for a while anyway, because he needed to figure out how he was going to tell Remus what he’d been planning on telling him for a while now. It was nerve wracking, but at least he would have told him. Even if it didn’t go how he wanted it to, it was better off than never knowing what could have happen.

The night dragged on. At one point James came to visit, dragging a very flushed and happy looking Lily behind him. “Why, hello there my lovely wall flowers! Enjoying ourselves?” Lily waved to the two, smiling especially at Remus – she knew he wasn’t a big fan of these sorts of things and probably wasn’t enjoying himself as much as Sirius might be.

“Why yes, yes we are. And you know what? I haven’t ruined one date yet...though I guess that means I’m falling down on the job. Ah well, I guess I’ll restrain myself for just one night. How is the dance floor?” Sirius shook his head to get the hair out of his eyes.

James grinned, obviously quite happy about how things were going. Who could blame him? He’d only been waiting seven years to be having a great time with Lily Evans. It seemed like things were looking up for him. “It is fabulous. You two should come join us. Speaking of that, I think we shall return. How about it, my fair Lily?” Lily just nodded, smiling brightly and waving back at the two men as she happily dragged a beaming James off to the dance floor.

“ years we’ve waited to watch them act like that? Gross.” Sirius wrinkled his nose in disgust, looking around to people watch. “Curse me or something if I ever get like that, alright?”

Remus just laughed, taking a sip of his drink. His head was hurting. “Am I allowed to escape for just a tiny bit? This loud music is giving me a headache.”

Sirius pretended to give it much thought, though on the inside he was quite thrilled. This could be the perfect chance to just get everything out into the open...somehow. “Alright. I’m coming with you though to make sure you don’t run off to hide in the library or some other place I’ll never come into to look. “

“Well there goes that plan.” Remus rolled his eyes, grinning as he stood up and headed for the entrance of the Great Hall. Sirius tagged along, draping his arm around Remus’ shoulders as they went.

Once outside of the big room, they walked for a bit, not entirely sure where they would end up. The music was still quite audible from the Great Hall but at least it wasn’t loud to the point of causing Remus’ head to hurt anymore.

“It’s funny,” Sirius commented as they went along, “we’ve been here for seven years and yet I still find new rooms in this place all the time, or doors that I’ve seen plenty times in passing but have never opened. Like this one...” Curious, he opened a thick, heavy door and tugged Remus in along with him. “Looks like an abandoned classroom or something.”

The room did, indeed, look like an abandoned classroom. There were three neat lines of desks, each desk covered with a fine layer of dust. There was a nice, wide open space, which was probably used for any practical parts of lessons, at the back of the classroom which they walked into from the doorway.

Remus looked around and shrugged. “Must be. Huh, interesting.”

Sirius shut the door behind them, surprised that they could still hear the music from the Great Hall. The dance had to be almost over, so surely the music would stop soon. A slower song was playing currently and Sirius grinned, reaching over to grab Remus’ hand. “I think you owe me a dance, Moons.”

“How so?” Remus asked, slightly puzzled. “Besides,” he pulled his hand out of Sirius’, “I can’t dance. I already told you that.”

“Well, for one thing, you didn’t dance at all while we were in the Great Hall, and if this is the last song then you should dance at least once.” He took his friend’s hand again, tugging him close and wrapping his arm around Remus’ waist. The light blush that spread across Remus’ face made Sirius grin. “And I don’t care if you don’t know how to dance. I’m good enough for the both of us.”

“I don’t see how that helps.” Remus mumbled back, trying to ignore the heat that was rising to his face as Sirius held him close. “I’ll step on your feet.”

Sirius laughed, guiding Remus along as he started dancing slowly, “My feet’ll just have to live. I mean, they lived through me trying to teach Pete how to dance. Believe me, that was a very VERY painful experience.”

Remus was just glad Sirius knew what he was doing, because he honestly had no clue himself. He’d never bothered learning how to dance and had just accepted the fact that he would never be good at it. “I’m sure Peter appreciated it though. Your feet should be happy they’re so helpful – I don’t know if they noticed, but Peter looked like he was doing a pretty decent job out on that dance floor a bit ago with Evelyn. At least I assume so, anyway. That wasn’t a look of pain or annoyance on Evelyn’s face.” Sirius laughed. Remus was still kind of confused as to why they were dancing in the first place. It would look pretty odd to someone if they walked in on them.

He continued letting Sirius guide him along, figuring he must be doing an alright job so far considering Sirius hadn’t complained once. There was an odd look in Sirius’ eyes though, like he was trying to decide something important but was unsure how to go about it. Curious, Remus halted their movement, looking up into Sirius’ face. “What are you thinking about? You’ve been acting kind of strange lately, you know. I mean, honestly, I think-“ his eyes widened as Sirius’ lips pressed against his, and he felt Sirius’ arms tightening around his waist, pulling him closer.

It’d been what he’d wanted for so long that when it finally happened he was unsure how to react. If this was just a dream though then he wasn’t about to let it slip away that quickly. Remus let his eyes close, his hands moving up to cup Sirius’ face as he pressed himself closer to his friend’s body.

Sirius had tensed up right before kissing Remus, afraid of how his friend would respond, but Remus’ response was not discouraging and he relaxed. He slid his hands around his friend’s waist, bringing them up to rest upon Remus’ chest, and pushed lightly, backing Remus up against the wall.

Remus gasped as he felt his back press up against the stone behind him. Sirius was starting to grind his hips against Remus’ and Remus could feel his body responding, making him groan softly. Their kiss deepened, tongues intertwining, as they explored one another. Sirius rested a hand at Remus’ waist, slipping his hand slowly under Remus’ dress shirt to trail his fingers lightly along soft skin, causing a shiver to run through Remus’ body.

Remus’ fingers worked to unbutton Sirius’ shirt, though it was hard because he couldn’t really see what he was doing. His hands were pushed away when Sirius broke the kiss, taking both of Remus’ wrists in one hand, holding Remus’ arms above his head. Sirius’ other hand caressed Remus’ face softly, their eyes locked for a moment before Sirius moved in to kiss him again. The kiss was slower, softer, and sent a flurry of movement through Remus’ stomach.

“You’re beautiful, Remus.” Sirius whispered softly against Remus’ lips, the hand, which was not holding Remus’ wrists, trailing slowly down Remus’ side. “I don’t want us to ever be apart, I love you too much. Come live with me after graduation?” The little flat he had moved into last summer would be just perfect for the two of them – plus, Remus could cook and he couldn’t. That was always a plus. “I’m not just asking cause I know you can cook...”

Remus laughed, kissing Sirius slowly. “I knew it; it’s just my marvelous cooking abilities you were after. I suppose I could cook for you once in a while, as long as you try to keep the place semi-clean most of the time. I don’t want to play the house-wife all the time.”

“Aw, baby, we all know who the girl in this relationship is.” Remus would have smacked Sirius in the shoulder or something for that comment, but his hands are currently being restricted above his head so he settles for sticking his tongue out at Sirius. “Hey, don’t stick that tongue out unless you plan on using it.” Sirius smirked, moving back in to kiss Remus. He was elated. Things were going better than he’d expected.

The hand not currently restricting Remus’ arms slid back up Remus’ front, starting to slowly undo the buttons of Remus’ dress shirt. Sirius trailed kisses down Remus’ neck, sucking at the soft skin, finding a more sensitive spot that drew out a soft moan from the other man. He nipped harder at the spot, wanting to hear the delicious sounds it caused his lover to make. Remus tilted his head back, allowing Sirius more access to his neck. The sensations caused by Sirius’ lips on his neck were making his legs go weak, yet he continued to stand, moaning a bit louder than before as the combination of Sirius’ lips on his neck and their hips grinding together sent shivers down his spine.

Sirius finally managed to get all of the buttons of Remus’ shirt undone and he pushed it open, letting his lips trail down across Remus’ chest. He knew Remus was self conscious when it came to being seen without a shirt - the scars that lined his body were a constant reminder of the transformations he went through once a month and the pain he had to endure. Sirius hated the fact that he could never do more for Remus those nights, and he hated seeing the sad, tired look upon Remus’ face the mornings after.

“You’re beautiful.” Sirius repeated, kissing Remus’ bare chest softly. His hand skimmed along the top of Remus’ dress pants, popping the button open and slowly pulling the zipper down. He eased the pants down, slowly because he was only using one hand, and let them fall down around Remus’ feet.

Dropping Remus’ wrists so he could have both hands free, Sirius stood up straight again so he could kiss Remus’ lips, grabbing Remus by the waist and pressing their lower halves flush against one another, feeling his lover’s erection pressing hard against his leg. Breaking the kiss, he dropped down, kneeling in front of Remus, and hooked two fingers in the waistband of Remus’ boxers, pulling them down slowly, teasingly.

Remus shivered as the somewhat chilly air of the room hit his exposed member. Biting his lip, he looked down at Sirius before him, his breathing becoming more and more rapid as his pulse sped up. Sirius looked up, giving Remus a mischievous grin before placing a hand on Remus’ hip to hold him in place as he ran a finger of his other hand lightly along Remus’ hard length. Remus jerked slightly, moaning as he felt Sirius touching him. Sirius grinned at the response, wrapping his hand around Remus and starting to move it at a steady pace. After a moment, he paused, tearing his gaze a way from the beautiful look of pleasure that was on Remus’ face and leaned forward slightly, letting his breath whisper softly over his friend before taking him into his mouth.

Remus had whimpered softly in protest when Sirius removed his hand, but it’d immediately turned to a moan as he felt Sirius’ lips envelop him. His hips jerked forward, restrained by Sirius’ hand still on his hip. He stole a glance downward, biting his lip as the image before him sent more shivers through his body.

Sirius moved his head slowly, tongue softly caressing the sensitive underside of his lover’s shaft. He hummed softly, hearing Remus moan as the vibrations sent waves of pleasure throughout his body. Remus could feel the pressure building inside, his hands tangling in Sirius’ dark hair, as he neared the edge.

“Sirius...” he moaned, throwing his head back as he felt the orgasm explode within him sending shockwaves of pleasure throughout his body. Sirius hadn’t prepared himself for this part, but managed not to choke on the slightly bitter tasting liquid as it slid down his throat. Pushing himself back up to stand, he kissed Remus softly on the lips, resting a hand over his lover’s chest to feel his racing pulse as it slowly returned to normal. “Damn, Pads, that was amazing.”

Sirius laughed. “Why, thank you. Shame your abilities won’t be as great compared to the superiority of my own, but I’ll take what I can get.”

“Oh, and you really think you’re going to get any with that attitude?” Remus smirked, pulling his clothing back on and crossing his arms.

Sirius pouted, fingering the edge of Remus’ shirt. “You know you can’t resist this face...” Remus rolled his eyes, grinning. “Come here, you.” He playfully tugged on Sirius’ arm, pulling Sirius with him as he sunk to the ground. Pushing Sirius flat on his back, Remus straddled the other man, leaning down to kiss him deeply. “I don’t want to hear anything about my abilities by the time I’m done with you...”

Sirius grinned, amused and quite excited to be seeing this side of Remus – a side he didn’t think his friend even possessed. He moaned softly as Remus slowly, teasingly, started to unbutton his shirt, trailing kisses along his neck. Looked like it was going to be a long night...


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Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*] Empty Re: Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*]

Post  Viktor Krum - Inactive on December 12th 2010, 11:41 pm

And you're super awesome at writing smut.
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Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*] Empty Re: Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*]

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I don't think I'll be able to write another thing like that again...
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Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*] Empty Re: Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*]

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And on that note it was brilliant, Moony <3 you're the best beautiful.


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Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*] Empty Re: Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*]

Post  Remus Lupin on December 13th 2010, 2:43 am

Hahahahahah....Oh geez.

I love you lots!!!
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Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*] Empty Re: Surprise surprise, another Wolfstar fic...[Rated. *dead*]

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