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Post  HorcruxHunter on November 6th 2010, 7:28 am

I think this is going to end up turning into a full fledged fanfic, though I originally wanted to write pure hot smut, its taken on a life of its own. Here's the first bit as a teaser. Nothing really happens XD

Remus walked down the miserable tunnel under the willow, having less room now than he did three years ago when he came to Hogwarts. He frowned at the dirt and cobwebs. He could feel the moon rising in its course to his inevitable destruction. In his mind's eye, he saw Sirius Black. The once proud Slytherin prat turned Gryffindor golden-boy. Remus smiled and was rewarded with pain in his head as he bumped it on the low ceiling, causing dirt to fall all around him. This resulted in a coughing fit and brought to mind his other friend, James Potter. James could be a bit much at times, they both could. But they were there for him even after they figured out his dark secret. The two of them could be by his side forever, until the full moon came around. Remus would always be alone when he walked down the dark tunnel to the shack which was quickly adopting its own nickname. Remus smiled again as he mouthed "moony" to himself. That's what his friends had taken to calling him. It was a reference to his "time of the month" as they so liked to call it.

His musings caused him to lose track of where he was going and run into the door at the end of the tunnel. Not a moment too soon as the blindingly full moon reached its peak and his limbs began to twist themselves out of shape. The wolf in his mind took over as he crept into the back of his mind. His own senses dulled as the wolf's magnified. His own consciousness fled him and Remus the boy was lost for the rest of the night.

Sirius Black, or rather padfoot the dog, stood upstairs in the shack listening to his friend's screaming. He'd been the one elected, and the only one stupid enough, to test the theory the three boys had come up with. That the wolf was only a danger to humans, and not animals. When the screaming stopped and he heard a howl, his heart thumped quicker for just one beat. Well, now or never, he said to himself as he crept down the stairs in dog form. He sniffed the air tentatively and jumped as he heard the wolf doing the same from the left. He stood more still than a mountain as he waited for the wolf to finish appraising him. Finally the wolf stepped back and began pawing at the floor. The dog barked at the scratching sound, still unsure if the wolf was about to hurt him or not. Suddenly, the wolf took off running, but stopped at a corner to look back. Padfoot followed, assuming that's what it meant. Suddenly he was knocked off of his paws by something large and heavy. Padfoot's mind went into fight mode, but the wolf wasn't hurting him, in fact he'd tackled the smaller dog and gotten up. Tilting his head to one side, great black ear flopping over and tongue lolling out past his teeth, Padfoot jumped at the wolf, landing on top of it and sneezing. He gave as close to a grin as he could muster in dog form.

The two continued to romp and play all night, destroying furniture as they went, until the wolf whined and laid down, clearly exhausted. Not much time later, the large form disappeared, giving way to the smaller form of thirteen year old Remus Lupin, struggling for breath and shaking from the November chill. Sirius changed back into a human form and laid next to Remus, pulling a blanket over him to preserve his modesty. He draped an arm over his friend and fell into a fitful sleep, keeping one ear open for Madam Pomfrey, or any sign that the small weak form beneath him were moving.

Too soon, the sun shone through the curtains in the upstairs bedroom of the shrieking shack, causing the black haired boy to wake. Using his wand, he levitated Remus to his bed and snuck back to school in dog form. He couldn't let the school nurse find him out of bounds, cuddling a werewolf, even if it was daylight. Sirius smiled in his mind as he trotted up to the lazy willow by the lake and changed back to his human self to continue walking back to the castle.

Three years later

"NO Sirius. Please, for once, just listen to me. You, James and Peter will NOT go out there tonight. Its too cold." said Remus for the fifth time that afternoon. It was the day of the full moon and once again, their friend was trying, and failing, to convince him to stay in the castle.

"Remus. You know I couldn't stay in the castle, not when you're out there suffering. Marauders stick together. Besides, I can't just not go, since the first time I went I've known that." He left the rest of his sentence unspoken. How could he tell his best friend that he was falling in love with him? "We've been having this argument for three years, every time it gets just a little bit cold you freak out! Remus, just accept it, we're here for you. And we're going to be damn hard to get rid of." This speech tore a sigh from the scarred young man in front of the fire. "Fine, but if I hurt you..."

"Then we'll have gotten hurt through our OWN choices. Besides, you won't." Sirius stated for the umteenth time that week.

"I have to go, the sun's going to set. See you later I suppose." Remus said, walking off with no sign of assurance or happiness in his eyes. Sirius could only imagine what it was like for his friend. The animagus transformation wasn't the most pleasant thing on Earth, but the werewolf transformation had none of the supposed padding attached. It wasn't willing, and it definitely wasn't easy. He frowned as he walked out to the one eyed witch statue, checking to make sure nobody was around, he pulled out his wand and jumped down the passage to Honeydukes' famous sweet shop. He grabbed a candy bar and left a note and some silver on the counter. S.B. was all it said. The shop owner would know what it meant. He travelled down the road to the shack, pulling his cloak tighter to him as a sharp breeze seemed to blow through him. Realizing it was only going to get colder, he transformed into Padfoot just as he heard the moans and screams come from inside the shack. Another long night was ahead, but it was worth it to see his best friend more relaxed in the morning.

The dog padded into the shack to find the stag and the rat already there. Sirius laugh-snorted in his dog form as he saw the tiny little peter pettigrew on the floor. How the wolf resisted the urge to eat the damn thing every month was beyond him, but he supposed Remus had to be in there somewhere. The night passed in fits of play wrestling, barking and howling, and lots of running outside of the shack.

Remus awoke that very early morning to see Sirius curled into his side, shivering. He sighed and wrapped the blanket around his friend, attempting to find some clothes. He found them near the bed and gratefully put them on. Next to them was a bar of chocolate. He smiled and looked over at Sirius, who never failed to bring him Honeydukes' finest. He smiled down at Sirius' black hair and goofy smile in his sleep and shook him slightly. "Good morning sunshine." he whispered playfully. Remus' eyes widened when a small, pale hand shot out to stroke his face. "good morning yourself." could be heard from under the blanket.

The hand yanked away hard, as if realizing the momentary lapse of control and Sirius shot up like a rocket and ran out of the shack, changing into his dog form as he fled and ran back to Hogwarts. "no no no no no no no." He muttered, suddenly turning human at the tree and walking up to the grounds frantically. He got to the great hall and slipped in for an early breakfast, thanking his lucky stars it was Saturday and he could go to bed after this and avoid an uncomfortable conversation with Remus. He chewed unattentively on bacon, but his heart wasn't in it and he slunk back to his dorm, collapsing into the covers as soon as he reached his bed.

Remus shivered as the hand touched his cheek lightly. He wanted to desperately to pull his friend closer, and then it was gone. Then he was gone. Remus knew he wasn't straight, he'd figured it out when he desperately wanted to see Lily as the girl he could be attracted to and just physically couldn't. Then his feelings for Sirius had begun to grow and he tried closeting them the best he could. He sighed and went to the bed, waking James and Peter on his way so they could be out before the matron found them and fell asleep with a heavy mind.

He woke to the bright lights of the hospital wing and sighed as deeply as possible. The motherly nurse bustled over to shove chocolate down his throat and soon released him to go up to his dormitory as long as he promised to sleep the Saturday away. He agreed, with sleeping being the less likely. He knew he would run into Sirius there, and they needed to talk. As expected, he found Sirius, thankfully alone. He waved his wand and the door closed and locked behind him. "Sirius" he said quietly, trying to rouse the other boy.

Sirius woke slowly, but his eyes shot the rest of the way open when he saw Remus leaning over him. "Oh god, Remus, I'm so sorry. I don't know what came over me, I--" He was cut off by Remus' lips crushing against his, the warmth of his body slowly joining him as he sat down on the bed. A hand found its way to Sirius' high cheekbone. "I don't want you to be sorry." he muttered, breaking the kiss. "I want you to be happy." Sirius sat in shock for a minute, but then his arms reached up to wrap into Remus' golden hair as he leaned over, causing them to fall over. Sirius was on top of Remus, and all he knew was the heat below him, and the slow tightening of his pants as the kiss resumed. He felt the tongue slowly caress his bottom lip and Sirius parted his pale lips only slightly.

Remus shoved the muscle into Sirius' mouth and began to explore, running it over his perfect teeth, noticing how smooth the inside of his cheeks felt. He ran his hand through the dark hair above him. His other arm snaked around Sirius' waist and came to rest on his bum.

Sirius let Remus continue to explore his body until he felt hands at the top of his trousers. He placed his own hands on top of them and led them back to Remus' chest. "Not today. Not the day after a full moon." he said thinking of how sore his friend would be.

Remus had no choice but to listen to Sirius, as today, the dark haired boy was clearly stronger, he nodded and pulled Sirius' head down to his chest and relaxed, the weight on top of him reminding him that he was safe. That was how James and Peter found them when they returned to the dorm.

"Well its about bloody time." James whispered upon seeing his two best friends intertwined on the bed, sleeping peacefully. He backed out of the room and led peter to the couches in the common room. "Best give them some time to cope."

Opinions? actual smut and cheesy lines to follow. This is just the first.."chapter" I suppose. I'm a little nervous about James' reaction. Would he really react like that in character? This is 16 year old James, but later on its explained why he reacted the way he did.
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