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Post  Katie Bell on April 15th 2010, 12:41 pm

Ive got one idea that I've already written loads for, but I'm leaving that for a while because it is been overdone for me, and I dont have an inspiration. I have another idea, and would like your opinions. These are all note, so if something doesnt malke sense, please do say. The focus of the story is conformity. Like is it Internalisation (accepting and agreeding with the majority rule because they have internalised the information and agree with it) or is it complience (The publically agree, but privatly disagree)

The rise of the Desecrators and the exploitation of the Gift showed man at his darkest hour. With their fate balancing on a knife’s edge teetering over the black oblivion, men rose against the once human, evil beings who aspired for control of all of the Old World. They fought for their independence, and the Desecrators were defeated. For century’s the stories of Old haunted men as they rebuilt their lives. A new regime came into place making a shadow of calm fall over the earth. But all was not as it seemed. Histories that would have done well to be remembered were forgotten, and the joys of Old were lost.

Notes: The great war has passed, and the next generation think everything is okay. Everyone is living in Harmony. But is that a good thing? People are disappearing, and everyone is conforming. No one dares step a toes out of line. No one wants to step a toe out of line. The leaders of the world have made everyone stupider to prevent another war.

“Don’t ask too many questions”

Conform or disappear were the rules.

A group of rebels notice this, and fight their way out, to stop these changes.

“Another Laws been passed” Emily strolled in chucking the paper on the desk for them all to see.

7 people that seek to stop this controlling government, and change the world back to its original state. It was changed because they believed nothing like the great war would happen again if people lived in harmony, and were not taught to reach out and be different.

7 different storys.

Someone old who remembers the old regime before the war, the freedom and greatness of it. Gets killed, leaving the young to fend for themselves.

The gift

The Great War was the result of people exploiting ‘the gift’ and manipulating it to be their own. They tried to take over, and change the world for their own. Finally the government brought them down. But the after effects were disastrous. So the solution they developed was the make everyone not want to explore new things anymore.

Usually, when there are problems and opposition you would go out of your way to research the issue, learn about it and explore the possibilities. But the government saw this as suicide to the peace that now resided in the world. They forbade people to talk about the gift, and as the generation got older, they started illiminating people that threatened to expose it. And as we grew older, people forgot about ‘the gift’ and did not learn its ways, so it was believed that it was lost, and that it no longer runs through our veins. If there are people that know about it, no doubt they keep a low profile. We must find these people and get their help. It is our last hope. I believe that ‘the gift’ still resides in our blood, flowing buried deep, now we must find it and unlock it.

“If you are not with us then you are against us. You chose the wrong side. You cannot win. You will not win.”

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Also writing a book Empty Re: Also writing a book

Post  Narcissa Black on April 15th 2010, 4:45 pm

I honestly think it sounds REALLY intriguing! I'm looking forward to hearing more about it!! :O
Narcissa Black
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