'lo, just here to introduce myself :-)

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'lo, just here to introduce myself :-) Empty 'lo, just here to introduce myself :-)

Post  Flora Carrow on August 16th 2012, 9:19 pm

Wotcha to all you potterfreaks out there! just some stuff about me...
I love fan fiction, my favourites being: Drarry, Jilly, Wolfstar and Romione :3
My mind never ceases thinking about the wizarding world of Harry Potter and how unfortunate it is that I'm not in it *le sticks head up chimney expectantly, waiting for Hogwarts letter* anywho, I long for at least SOME KIND of fantasy world to escape to, even if it means leaving everything I have here in the Muggle World behind. I would not hesitate one second. I don't even miss my friends when I'm on summer holiday... but I am not heartless, though I am a Slytherin MUA HA HA HA house pride!! <3 <3 as well as one of my nicknames being evil... but that's only because my friend's nickname is Jazmani, and together we make: JAZMANIANDEVIL! (like Tasmanian devil) but I think that's all you need to know for now, PEACE OUT!
oh and did I forget to mention, I'm a fraction Hufflepuff.. SLYTHERFUFF and not that proud... ah well Very Happy
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