Order Of Slytherin - Marcus Flint/OC Chapter 1

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Order Of Slytherin - Marcus Flint/OC Chapter 1 Empty Order Of Slytherin - Marcus Flint/OC Chapter 1

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Order of Slytherin
Marcus Flint/Nyssa Edwards
Completed 28/April/11

Order Of Slytherin - Marcus Flint/OC Chapter 1 OrderOfSlytherin

The Second Wizarding War is taking over the magical world, and it's hard to trust anyone. So when Death Eater Marcus Flint rescues Nyssa Edwards, she suspects all is not what it seems.

December 1995
1 - Winter Escape

I snapped the front door locks into place and flicked the closed sign round to face the empty street. Glancing at my watch it read 9.30pm and frowned. It was unusually quiet for a Saturday night, even the regular pub goers couldn’t be heard singing but I shrugged off my uneasiness.
I snatched my jacket from the counter as I walked past and flicked off the shop lights walking into the store room and out the back door.
There was a light blanket of snow on the ground and more storms were forecast for the week, so I carefully followed the back alleyway to the main street and crunched the delicate snowflakes beneath my boots as I made my way home and the awaiting warmth.
Walking past the pub there were only dim lights within and as I stared ahead to the small cottage I owned at the edge of town as a stranger appeared out of thin air with a faint pop sound.

Abruptly I stopped walking and squinted at the hooded figure. I was half witch and graduated from Hogwarts the year before, but this was a Muggle farming village where no other magical families lived. I had picked it for that purpose alone.
The uneasiness I had felt before gripped my stomach and twisted it as the hooded figure walked towards me. By the large strides and burly body I assumed it was a man and began slowly backing away wishing I had my wand with me.

“Nyssa,” I could hear my heart pounding loudly in my ear as a husky voice called to me. “Don’t be afraid of me.”

“W-who are you?”

I glanced sideways to see the pub entrance looking rather inviting, but my legs weren’t willing to run.
The hooded man raised his arms and lowered the hood to reveal a rugged looking man. His black hair was short and slicked back, he also had a black shaggy beard. I frowned as he smirked at me.

“You don’t remember me do you?” I shook my head as he covered the distance between us and reached for my elbow. “We’re exposed here, and I don’t have much time.” He forcefully walked me across the street and hid us in the dark entrance of shop doorway.

“I need you to listen to me Nyssa, and don’t say a word until I’m finished, okay?” I stupidly nodded, not knowing what else to do because I wasn’t completely scared of him. “Death Eaters are going from village to village to find witches and wizards to join them, any that don’t are tortured or killed…”
He peered down at me intently and raised a hand to my cold face, gently running his fingertips along my jaw line. “You’re still so beautiful.”

I felt my eyebrows raise as his grey eyes captured a memory from my past. “Marcus Flint?”

He nodded. “I need you to go home, pack a bag, and grab your sister and leave,”


“They will kill you Nyssa,” I felt the corners of my eyes become damp as more memories resurfaced. “I want you to go to this place and wait for me.”

He placed a torn piece of paper in my hand and I caught a glimpse of a tattoo on his left arm.

“Why are you doing this?” I looked at him to find he was staring at the vacant road but the corners of his lips were curved with a self reflecting smile.

“‘Cause I always had a crush on you,” He nudged me onto the sidewalk. “Go now Nyssa and hurry.”

Oddly enough I took his advice jogging up the street to my house, jamming the key into the lock and wriggling it round until I could push the door freely open and fall into the warmth.
I stared round the small living room to discover my younger half-sister; Katie sleeping on the couch. The fire light revealed her youthful beauty we had both inherited from our mother, but while my hair was brown, Katie had her biological father’s streaky blonde hair.

“Katie!” I grabbed her shoulders and roughly shook the teenager awake.

“Piss off Nyssa.” She groaned trying to wave me off so I ran upstairs to the only bedroom we shared and threw whatever I could grab into a suitcase I found under my bed.

Since Katie was home from Hogwarts for the Christmas holidays, she had left most of her stuff there. It was our first Christmas without our parents and I knew she was counting the days until she could return to Hogwarts and distract herself with Quidditch. But I liked having her around, she was the only family I had left even though the two of us being together was dangerous.
After dragging the suitcase down the stairs I grabbed Katie’s winter jacket and threw it at her before grabbing my wand off the mantelpiece.

“Nyssa!” She glared at me as she sat up throwing her jacket on the floor. “What is your problem?”

“Death Eaters,” I peered out the window but couldn’t see anything in the darkness. “We have to leave right now.”

“Death Eaters? What are you talking -”

“Katie!” I hissed holding out my arm to her. “Please just trust me.” She stared at me a moment longer before rising from the couch, picking up her jacket and grabbed her own wand, placing her free hand on my arm. “Hold on tight.” I muttered closing my eyes and I thought of the address Marcus had given me making us vanish.

A/N - So thoughts, comments...anyother Flint lovers out there?

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