Lissiana and Darius. How they came to be...

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Lissiana and Darius. How they came to be... Empty Lissiana and Darius. How they came to be...

Post  LissianaNikole on October 24th 2011, 9:04 am

(Im going to write it in both of their point of views but mostly Darius's as he is on the phone with me telling me what to write lol.)

I was sitting on the roof starring out at the lake when i heard a car pull into the driveway. I folded the letter up and slid it in my pocket as i stood up. I wanted to tell aunt del but I was kinda worried. Sure she loved all things that had to do with witches and wizards but i didnt want her to be here by herself. Hogwarts. I had been accepted, It was my biggest dream. Well mine and Lissiana's. A slamming door pulled my attention back down to the car.
Lissiana was standing in the driveway with tears streaming down her face as her father sat her suitcase's on the gravel. He looked so mad. I walked down the roof towards the edge to see if i can hear anything. I dont like to ease drop but she was upset and i didnt like it.
I stood in the drive way as my father lectured me. As if it was my fault i got into the darn school. I wanted to be excited. I wanted them to be excited but no. They wanted to scream and yell at me. I look up and see Darius walking towards the edge of the roof. He smiled softly and tilted his head. I shook my head and looked down at the ground.
The next thing i know my aunt Del comes running out of the house. Her hair is in rollers and she is still in her bathrobe. She starts to yell at my father who just ignores her. He climbs back into his car without a word and drives away.
Aunt Del takes me into her arms and whispers "My dear child, ignore your parents. They just dont understand."
I walk out of my room and down the steps as Lissiana and Del walk in. From the letter clutched in her hand i can see that she got in as well.

*******{The end of the summer}*********

I looked around the platform and bit my lip. If it wasnt for Darius, I wouldnt be coming at all. I didnt want to think about the people that were suppose to be my parents. And this school brought back memories. But Darius was going and he wanted me to go. I look over at him and see the joy in his face.
This was absolutly amazing. I cant believe i was actually doing this. I look over at Lissiana by my side. I want to see excitement on her face but i know i wont. And i am right. She looks scared. I slip my arm around her shoulder. "Dont worry Lissi, Im always going to be here for you."
*******{The summer before our 5th year}******
I come off the train talking with my friends. I was anxious for the summer to be over already. I miss being on my broom. I look around the station trying to see Aunt Del. I see Lissiana standing next to the grounds keeper. There were tears running down her face. I almost drop my stuff as i run over to her.
"Lissi! Whats wrong?"
I push Darius's arm off of me as he trys to comfort me. "As if you care. Why dont you go see one of your jerky friends." I watch him wince at my words and i dont even care. He abandoned me. He promised he wouldnt but he did. And we were even in the same house. I didnt want anything to do with him."
I glare at Lissi and look to Gary the grounds keeper. "Whats going on?"
He frowned "Its your aunt Del. She hasnt been well for a while and she died last night. She didnt want you to know that she was sick. She thought she was fine."
Lissiana starts crying again and i feel a few tears fall from my eyes. This time when i try to put my arms around Lissiana she let me.
The rest of the summer was hard. Being in a house that held so many memories. It turns out Aunt Del had left the house to both me and Darius. We returned back to hogwarts and tried to hide the fact that we were hurting.
*******{The next summer}*******
We decided not to go back to our house. Instead we went to the house that my mother had left to me when she had died. We spent the entire summer looking at old photo albums and reading old journals. Without realizing it me and lissi grew even closer. I decided the night before we went back for our 6th year to finally ask her out.
This is how it went,
I looked up as Darius walked into my room. I smiled "Your done packing already? Well thats good. You can help me. Somehow half of my stuff has ran away. I dont understand it."
I wait for him to answer me but he doesnt. "Ummm Earth to Darius??"
He shakes his head as if pulled out of a daze. "Lissiana, i need to ask you something."
"What is it Darius??"
He smiles at me and comes over to sit beside me on the bed. "Lissiana, i have been in love with you for as long as i can we remember. You were my best friend and i admit that i was a jerk and i apologize for that. I hate how i treated you. I hope that i can make it all up to you. Lissiana will you be my girlfriend."
My eyes widen and i cant help but blush. "It took you long enough!!!!"
He laughs and kisses me deeply
Well thats our story up until now. We are currently still together. Working on 2 months. I am the happiest that i can be. I hardly even think about my parents anymore. Darius is all the happiness i need.

((Im sorry if it is really bad. I kinda just through it together. I may edit it later but idk.))

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Lissiana and Darius. How they came to be... Empty Re: Lissiana and Darius. How they came to be...

Post  Darius Black on October 24th 2011, 9:16 am

Cute. Smile
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