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Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson Empty Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson

Post  Krasimir Svetkova on May 20th 2011, 1:12 pm

Well...alrighty. This is probably the biggest thing I've written in ages. It's 25 pages in length so far but this is part 1 and part 1 only went up to 18 pages. XD
Going along with my lovely recent obsession with Svetson, I decided, hey, why not just drop him in at Dalton and see what would happen. This is definitely a somewhat AU story (obviously I wanted to keep a lot of the Dalton storyline in there. I just kicked out a lot of stuff that wasn't going to really be important for this) and I apologize ahead of time if my characters aren't the best. I really did try. haha.
Anyway...as I would keep rambling if I kept this up I'm going to shut up now and let you read. *is slightly nervous*
Love you all!!!

The art hall was quiet as he curiously looked about. He was lost, that’s for sure, but he figured that if he was lost he should at least look around to familiarize himself with the school and its several buildings. All that had gotten him was...well, more lost. And he still could barely recognize any of the buildings.

One room of the hall was displayed with a whole bunch of paintings labeled by the same artist. Eying the dark room, he grew slightly nervous for a moment, but then his interest was caught by a particular painting stuck in the corner; he couldn’t resist so he bit his lip and slipped into the room, turning the light on so he could see it better. It was a simple painting of a daisy, the colors bright and vibrant and the paint strokes perfect and neat. Daisies were his favorite flower and he was very sure he had never seen any other picture, painting, or any other art form that had captured the beauty of a daisy as this painting had.

Who was the artist? Maybe he could find him and see if he’d be interested in selling it.

Reed Dawson? That was a nice name. He could easily ask a teacher or other student to introduce him to this Reed fellow...

“...said something about meeting Kurt and Blaine to get coffee later, but I don’t think I’ll be able to join you because I just have too much work to- AH!” There was a loud crash outside the room he was in and whoever was speaking groaned loudly after apparently having tripped over something.

He popped his head out of the room and saw a small figure, with a big mass of curly hair, picking himself up from the floor. A cell phone was lying on the floor a few feet away, obviously having fallen and slid across the floor as its owner had tripped.

Curiously though, he couldn’t figure out what this boy had tripped over.

“-ey? Helloooooooo? Reed?! Did you trip again? Are you alright? Are you bleeding? Answer meeeeee! OH MY GOD, you’re not under attack from a demon are you? REED-“ The boy had hurriedly crawled over and picked up the phone, jamming it up against his ear, his face bright red.

“Shush! Goodness, Dwight. I’m fine. I just tripped over my own feet. Nothing new. I have to go; I’m at the art room. Talk to you later, have fun with Kurt and Blaine. Bye!” The boy hung up and pushed himself up off the floor.

The boy turned around to go pick up his books that he had abandoned in favor of reassuring his yelling friend that he was indeed not under attack from any sort of demon. Not seeing them on the floor where he had dropped them he looked around in bewilderment...and squeaked. “Oh my...”

He had been spotted, having made his way back out of the room to pick up the boy’s books. “Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. Here are your books.” He held them out to the curly haired boy.

“Th-thanks...” the boy choked out, his eyes still fixed upon him. He hesitantly reached out to take the books.
“I don’t bite.” He laughed. “I’m Krasimir Svetkova. Just transferred here from a private school in Bulgaria. You’re Reed Dawson?”

Reed blinked. How did this inhumanely gorgeous tall guy know his name? “Wha- er, yes? I mean, how did you know my name?” He squeaked. Good lord it was like seeing a perfect statue of a Greek god come to life.

“Vell, I heard your friend there on the phone yelling for you. Plus I just saw some of your paintings in that room.” he indicated to the room he had just left, “I’ve been sort of lost for over an hour now and decided to just explore.”

“My...oh, paintings. Right. Those. Yeah.” Reed nodded, his mind going somewhat blank. He still couldn’t take his eyes off of the tall guy in front of him. “Er...wait, you’re lost? Did you just get here?”

Kras couldn’t help grinning at how flustered Reed seemed to be. It was undeniably cute. “I got here a few hours ago. My stuff is supposed to be getting sent to the dorm room I’ve been assigned...in...I can’t remember vot house it vos. Anyway, I vos supposed to be met by the gates by my new roommate but he vosn’t there so I just valked in and decided to explore. Can I ask you a question about von of your paintings?”

Reed wondered which dorm Krasimir had been assigned to. He had been so busy lately with his artwork, not to mention the stuff with Shane, that he hadn’t been paying much attention to what was going on around Windsor. Were they supposed to be getting a new student? As much as he wouldn’t mind seeing this guy around a whole bunch, he didn’t want him to be subjected to the insanity of which was Windsor house. Reed blinked in confusion as Krasimir asked about his paintings. “Sure? What about them?”

He had finally managed to drag his eyes off of the gorgeous body in front of him and was making his way into the room where his paintings were all situated.

“This von here...” Kras pointed to the one of the daisy, “vould you ever consider selling it?”

“That one?” Reed asked. “Oh...I don’t think so. It’s not one of my best. My mother didn’t even give it a second look.”Kras thought Reed sounded rather bitter with that remark. “It’ll probably be tossed at some point. Sadly. Why? Were you interested in it?”

Kras nodded, shooting the painting a smile before looking back at Reed. “Yes. I love daisies and even though this painting is simple...it’s the best I’ve ever seen of this flower.”

Reed felt a warm, tingly feeling in his stomach and his heart skip a beat when he saw Kras smile at the painting. He could see the fondness in that smile that Kras must hold for that type of flower. Suddenly he wished Kras would smile at him like that. His face went lightly red when he realized what he was thinking. Sheesh, it was bad enough he was having so much trouble figuring out how to handle things with Shane. Reed didn’t need any more boy troubles.

“You can have it, if you’d like.” Reed told him shyly. “It really isn’t one of my best, I swear. I could paint a better one for you-“

“No, I really like this von. If it really is alright vith you than I vould love to have it.” Kras shook his head, smiling brightly at Reed, who went bright red.

Reed Dawson was sure he had just melted into a puddle onto the floor.


Blaine Anderson normally was pretty good at remembering things. He had a calendar and schedule book in which he wrote important things down. The other week though he had managed to misplace his schedule book, which was why, currently as he sat in the coffee shop with his boyfriend, Kurt Hummel, and a few of their fellow Windsor’s, Blaine was pretty sure he was forgetting something.

“-aine? Blaine!” A light voice was calling him, touched with a slight hint of annoyance.

“What? Oh, Kurt. Yeah?” Blaine shook his thoughts away and turned his attention to his boyfriend, who was sitting on his right.

Kurt rolled his eyes and sighed. “I’ve been calling your name for ages. Sheesh. What’s with you today? You look like you’ve been lost in thought all morning. Even David and Wes have been having trouble getting your attention.” The two other boys sitting at their table nodded in agreement.

“Sorry.” Blaine grinned sheepishly. “I just feel like there’s something I’m forgetting-“

“Ah, sorry I’m late guys!” Dwight popped up out of nowhere and collapsed into a chair next to Wes. He was seemingly breathless, as if he had run the whole way there.

David gave him a curious look. “What were you up to? Did you run the whole way here?”

“Weren’t being chased by a little ol’ ghostie were you?” Wes added in, giving David an amused look.

Dwight didn’t look amused. “No. I wasn’t. I just ran here cause I knew I was late. There were a whole bunch of boxes outside of Blaine’s room that didn’t look like they belonged to him and I was pretty sure that meant they weren’t protected from vengeful spirits or dark magic, so I had to-“

“OH MY GOD, I CAN’T BELIEVE I FORGOT!” Blaine practically leapt up from his seat, a panicked look upon his face. “Sorry guys, I have to go, I’ll see you all later.” And with a few choice swear words, Blaine turned and sped off, disappearing quickly through the door.

His friends, and boyfriend, looked over at the door Blaine just sped through and then looked back at each other. All of them equally confused.


Duh! How could he have forgotten his new roommate was going to be arriving today? He had promised Krasimir Svetkova over the phone that he would meet him by the gates when he arrived.

Blaine bit his lip, looking around while standing by the gates. Where could Krasimir have wandered off to? What around here would seem appealing to him to look at?

He tried to remember what some of the Bulgarian’s interests were. They had communicated for a while before Krasimir had made his final decision to transfer to Dalton in America, agreeing with his parents’ idea about how the study abroad experience would be beneficial for him for the future.

Art. I think that was one of his interests. Blaine wasn’t entirely sure but it was at least a good place to start. He quickly sped off to the art hall and hoped he’d be able to find the transfer student. Thank goodness Krasimir had sent him a picture so he’d at least be able to recognize him.

The hall was practically empty and silent as Blaine made his way through. One door was open, light spilling out into the gradually darkening hallway as the sun started to set, and he could hear the faint sound of voices.

Best check there... he figured and headed over to the doorway.

“Reed!” He spotted his curly haired, accident prone friend first.

Then he spotted his new roommate. Oh dang. The picture had only been from the shoulders up so Blaine was definitely not prepared to see that the rest of his roommate was just as gorgeous as his face. He caught himself staring, realizing how rude that was, and then coughed and set an apologetic look upon his face. “And you’re Krasimir. I’m Blaine. So sorry, I really didn’t mean to forget about you, honest. I just lost my schedule book and whenever that happens I tend to forget a lot of things...”

“It’s alright.” Kras smiled, reaching over to shake Blaine’s hand. “If you had been there then I might not have gotten to meet Reed so soon.”

Blaine glanced over at Reed to see the boy’s face was a shade redder than a fire truck. Interesting. “Ah, well, I’m glad you’ve already gotten to meet someone else. Luckily Reed is in our dorm too. Hopefully he hasn’t scared you with any tales of Windsor yet.”

Roommate... Reed’s mind was stuck in the mud, moving slower than a snail’s pace. Roommate...Roommate?! Holy canoodles, Blaine gets to room with THAT?!

Kras looked rather happy at knowing that he was going to get to see Reed more often since they were both in Windsor. “Vonderful! And no...he hasn’t told me any scary tales yet. Should I be scared?”

“Well, we really don’t want to scare you, honestly. But yeah...you might want to at least prepare yourself. Windsor is a house of...interesting people.” Blaine laughed. “Were you guys doing anything in particular or can I show you back to the dorm to unpack? Unless you don’t want to unpack till tonight and tomorrow since it is Friday and you’ll have all weekend? You and Reed can come back to the coffee shop with me and hang out with some of the other Windsor’s.”

“If the boxes von’t be a problem, I’d be glad to just vait till later to unpack.” Kras grinned. “You should join us, Reed.” He shot Reed a quick, bright smile.

Blaine watched as Reed looked visibly conflicted. He could practically see it on Reed’s face – should he stay and work on his painting or go to the coffee shop with Kras and Blaine? Apparently it was hard for him to resist that bright smile, and Blaine didn’t doubt why. He knew he’d have trouble resisting a smile that bright and inviting as well. Heck, he had a hard time in general resisting any sort of smile when Kurt used one on him.

“Errrrr.....alright. Only for a little while though cause I really need to work on these paintings.” Reed finally replied, his face red as he went to put caps back on paint bottles. His foot caught on a stool leg and he almost fell except Kras quickly reached out and caught a hold of his arm, pulling him back and steadying him. Reed’s face practically exploded. “Th-thanks. Sorry, I trip a lot.” He mumbled, working quickly to get the paint put away.

“I see that.” Kras laughed. He helped Reed put his art stuff away while Blaine waited for them at the door, a curious look upon his face. He was rather interested in the interaction he had seen between the two so far. Especially since he wasn’t entirely sure how things were going between Reed and his brother, Shane.

Once they were ready, Blaine led the way to the coffee shop. They had to stop on occasion whenever Reed would accidentally trip or drop a book. Eventually Kras just silently took the books from Reed and carried them the rest of the way until they made it to the coffee shop, Reed’s face slightly red the entire time with a somewhat confused look upon his face.

Two boys, identical in appearance, were standing outside the little shop talking to each other in rather loud, identical voices. A bumblebee flew by and was buzzing around a flower pot. The two boys looked at each other then went after the bee, swatting at it. At one point one of their hands got it and it ended up getting knocked to the ground. One of them was about to step on it when a low voice stopped him.

“Don’t even think about it.” Both boys turned at exactly the same time to watch as a rather tall, and very attractive, male crouched down and put his hand down, edging the bee onto his hand.

The twins looked up in confusion and spotted Blaine and Reed standing there, both with slightly amused, yet confused looks upon their own faces. “Um...it’s just a bee?” One of the twins commented.

“Yet it’s still a living creature, right? Vould you like it if a giant swatted at you and then tried to step on you?” The guy looked up and raised an eyebrow questioningly. “I didn’t think so.” He stood up again and placed the bumblebee into one of the flower pots outside the shop.

The twins looked at each other and it was like they were communicating silently. Blaine and Reed both knew that look and they exchanged a knowing look to each other as they kept moving on and dragged Krasimir into the coffee shop, the twins trailing right on behind, both grinning to themselves.

Kurt, David, Wes, and Dwight were still sitting there talking as the group of five walked in. Several eyebrows were raised in question as they spotted the new guy who came in along with Blaine, Reed, and the twins.

“Who is this?” Kurt asked, unable to resist eying up the newcomer. Good lord, where did he shop, because Kurt wanted to go along next time. “And where do you shop because those clothes are marvelous.”

Some of the boys couldn’t resist rolling their eyes at that comment. Reed was about one of the only ones who nodded in agreement, because, yes, the tall, handsome newcomer definitely knew how to dress.

“Krasimir Svetkova, but honestly you can all call me Kras if you’d like.” Kras was slightly confused when the twins both took a side of his chair and pulled it out for him before he sat, but he just thanked them and then sat down. They took a seat on each side of him, and Kras couldn’t help see the exchange of knowing looks that swept across the table. Was that a good thing or a bad thing? “And I got pretty much all of my clothing from famous Bulgarian designers, though I do sometimes branch out a bit and go for a little Marc Jacobs.” He shrugged.

“Alright, you definitely have to give me some names because I would just love to get my hands on some of those styles.” Kurt nodded enthusiastically. “I’m Kurt Hummel.”

David and Wes both waved and introduced themselves as well.

Dwight refused to shake Kras’ hand, muttering something about how no one human could look that good and that he was going to be looking into what demonic forces were at play. Kras was slightly scared at that comment but one of the twins leaned close and whispered that that was pretty normal and he shouldn’t be too worried.

“I’m Evan and-“

“I’m Ethan. And you’re Blaine’s new roomie, right?” Ethan asked. Both twins giving him interested looks.

Surprised looks, asides from Reed and Blaine, were exchanged around the table. Kurt didn’t look very amused at that comment and he was deciding whether the fact that he could bond over the newcomer with clothing was worth the fact that his boyfriend was now rooming with what appeared to be some sort of Greek god who was about fifty bazillion more times sexier than he was or ever could be. Blaine seemed to sense his boyfriend’s apprehension and grabbed his hand under the table, giving it a reassuring squeeze.

“Wait, whaaaat?” Wes was rather surprised. “Since when were you up to getting a new roommate, Blaine? I thought you were set on enjoying the peace and quiet you’d get with having your own room.”

Blaine just shrugged. “I know, but I had heard that there was a student looking for a study abroad experience and figured, hey, if he was coming to Dalton why not let him share my room. We wrote to each other for a while so I could give him more of a student’s view of the school and after a few letters Kras here agreed it would be a worthy experience.”

“Not to mention my parents vere adamant that I had a study abroad experience before graduating. It was either for high school or college. I figure it might end up being both cause staying at home is no fun. Plus from vot Blaine vos telling me, Dalton seems like an interesting school to attend.” Kras explained.

“So, White Queen, you seem to know English pretty well. “ Evan...or was it Ethan? He couldn’t remember and for some odd reason they kept up and switching seats.

White Queen?” Kurt asked in surprise. “You named him already?

Kras was very confused. They were calling him that?

“Of courrrrse, Alice! You should have seen him outside just now. Wouldn’t even let us step on a grounded bumblebee. Poor thing can’t fly anymore anyways; I bet if we tried to step on an ant he’d glare at us.” One of the twins remarked, rolling his eyes.

Kras glared at him.

Kurt just shook his head in amazement. He caught Reed glancing at Kras, staring rather intently before Kras looked over at him, a slight smile spreading across his face as he did so, and Reed turned away, his face going slightly pink. Huh...

“Anyvay.......yes, I’ve been studying English since I vos younger. My parents vanted me to learn as many languages as possible. So besides my native Bulgarian language, I know English, Italian, Japanese, French, German, and Spanish.”

The boys whistled in surprise and shock. “Woah, that’s a lot of languages.” David commented.

“You know what I think we should do?” One of the twins asked.

“I know what you think we should do.” The other twin replied, a mischievous grin upon his face.

“Oh dear...” Kurt groaned, knowing what was going to happen already. He checked his watch. They’d all have to head back to Windsor soon cause it was getting close to curfew. It was already rather dark outside.

The twins hopped up and heaved Kras’ chair back, the Bulgarian blinking in surprise. Linking arms with Kras on either side of him, the twins grinned their identical grins and waved farewell. “We’re taking the Queen for a little walk. Toodle loo!” And with that they dragged Kras off.

Blaine groaned and stood, Kurt doing the same. “We probably shouldn’t let them get too far away with him...” Kurt nodded in agreement. He could only imagine what the twins had thought up, especially considering what they had done to him when he first got here...or, in general, considering what they think up half the time anyways.

“Good idea.” David, Wes, Dwight, and Reed all stood up as well and followed Blaine and Kurt quickly out the door.


As soon as the twins pulled Kras out the door they veered a sharp left, speeding quickly without evening paying notice to a tall blond who was making his way into the coffee shop for a quick drink. It was going to be a late study night and he needed his caffeine fix.

Logan Wright opened the shop door just as Kurt, Blaine, and the others were heading out.

“Oh, hello.” Blaine said.

Things had still been somewhat tense between Logan and the Windsor’s, but, thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as it had been. The other day even he had managed to sit and have a rather decent civilized conversation between the twins. No rude comments made from either side.

Things were getting there.

“So...who was that new guy the twins were dragging off?” Logan looked back in the direction the twins and the tall, handsome fellow had gone but they were already out of sight.

“He’s the new transfer student and my new roommate.” Blaine replied, stepping outside the shop followed by everyone else.

Logan looked rather interested by this point. “Huh. So he’s sticking around for a while then. Shame he’s a Windsor. Any idea what team he plays for?” Might as well just cut to the chase. Someone was bound to ask the new guy at some point anyway. Get it out into the open now, save the effort later.

There was a slight choking sound behind Kurt who turned and saw Reed looking slightly...wait, did he look annoyed? “You okay, Reed?”

“I’m fine...” he coughed and just mimed that he had choked on air or something. Kurt could tell the cough was faked though. Something was going on with him and Kurt wasn’t going to let him sleep peacefully tonight until he found out.

“Um, seemed pretty straight to me.” David commented, shrugging.

“Oh I wouldn’t be too sure about that.” Blaine remarked, shooting a very quick glance at Reed who was still looking away and trying not to draw attention to his self.

The brief glance was not lost on Logan, who raised an eyebrow and grinned a tiny bit. “Is that so? Maybe I’ll just have to introduce myself then. You’re probably going to want to go save him from whatever mischief the Tweedles are up to. I’m in need of a major caffeine fix so if you’ll excuse me.” He stepped around the group and went into the shop.

“Well...at least this time he’s not trying to go after someone who’s already in love with someone else. Right?” Dwight pointed out after Logan was out of ear shot.

“You’re right on that one.” Kurt agreed, still rather distracted by his thoughts about Reed. The curly haired boy actually looked a bit jealous.

Blaine caught Kurt watching Reed again and nudged his boyfriend lightly on the arm. The two boys shared a knowing glance and Blaine understood that Kurt was going to talk to Reed about it later.

“Let’s go save the White Queen.” David sighed, leading the way in the direction the twins had gone.


Kras had absolutely no clue where he was at. He had been following the twins for a good while and then they just suddenly disappeared. It seemed like he was in a courtyard of some sort. Maybe if he walked around for a while he would find his way back to at least the coffee shop. He was sure he could make his way back to the art hall from there, and then back to the front gates, and then somehow to Windsor.


It was rather dark though and as much as he had been trying to tell himself to be brave while around the others, things were starting to cave in on him as he was here alone.

If there was one thing Krasimir was afraid of, it was the dark. The dark and being in closed, tight spaces that were pitch black.

Fighting down panic, Kras decided his best bet was to just sit in one spot and wait. Someone would show up. Hopefully. He shut his eyes tightly and gripped the edge of the bench he was sitting on. Please...don’t leave me alone for long...please...

Was that a sound? His eyes flew open and he managed to squeak out a soft ‘who’s there?’

“Kras? Kras is that you-oof!” He heard the familiar voice as he watched a shadowy figure trip over a nearby curb.

Thank god. Kras quickly stood up and hurried over to the fallen figure. “Reed? Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Just dandy...what are you doing out here alone?” Reed stood up and brushed off his pants, wincing as he felt what was sure to be a bruise on his forehead. “Where are the twins? It’s so dark out.”

“They disappeared at some point and I couldn’t figure out vhich vay to go.” Kras usually hardly felt better in the dark even with someone else around, but, for some reason, his fears had majorly subsided as soon as he had felt Reed’s presence. That was one of the odder things – he felt Reed’s presence. It was something he had never experienced before, except for maybe a tiny bit earlier when they were in the art hall. He was probably still getting used to meeting Reed at that time though so he hadn’t even noticed. It was a strange feeling, like even the very air around the shorter boy affected him. It did not make him uncomfortable, contrary wise it made him feel warm and tingly inside. He could practically feel goose bumps on his arms just by standing next to Reed. And the small shiver that wracked his body had nothing to do with the slightly chilly night air.

Of course, even if this was a boy’s school, he couldn’t get too hopeful that Reed was gay as well.

Right now he had bigger things to worry about...it was dark. Super dark.

“Huh. That’s strange. Usually when they drag someone off like that we have to rescue the person from nerf gun battles or- what are you doing?” Reed asked, a confused look upon his suddenly rather red face, as he felt Kras’ hand grab his own.

He was hoping that Kras couldn’t see how red his face was right now.

“I don’t like...the dark.” Came the strangled reply. Normally Kras wouldn’t tell anyone that but for some reason he knew he could trust Reed. “...please don’t tell anyvon.” He asked quietly, his hand gripping Reed’s like it was a lifeline.

“Oh...” Reed replied softly, “I see. Don’t be scared, you’re not alone anymore.” He squeezed Kras’ hand reassuringly, his face still burning slightly. “And I won’t tell anyone. You can trust me. Let’s head off to Windsor. How about we talk the whole way that way it won’t be quiet?”

Kras nodded in agreement and let Reed lead the way to Windsor, though he refused to let go of the shorter boy’s hand. “Thank you. Vot should ve talk about...let’s see...oh, I vos vondering, I know Blaine and Kurt are dating, so are there a lot of...gay guys here at Dalton?” Kras wasn’t worried about letting it be known here that he was gay. Right now, honestly, he was just fishing for some answers about Reed.

Because Kras would be lying if he said he wasn’t interested in the curly haired, freckle faced boy.

Reed almost tripped over his own feet when he heard Kras’ question. “Er...uh, yeah, I suppose. I mean...well, you know, there’s a zero tolerance rule here so a lot of gay guys come here to escape bullying from their old schools. The guys were...wondering about you after the twins dragged you off.” Reed added quietly.

“Me, huh?” Kras laughed. “Vell, you can let them know that I am indeed gay. I’m not too vorried about who knows. My parents are fine vith it as vell so that gives me an even bigger reason not to care vot others think, because half the time, for me, their opinion is the only von that matters.” He shrugged. “Vot about you?”

“Me what?” Reed squeaked out, knowing exactly what Kras meant.

“I mean, what team do you play for? I guess that’s vot you guys over here call it, anyvay.” Kras asked, trying to sound as nonchalant about it as possible.

“Oh...I, er, um, well, you know...that’s...I...” Reed sounded utterly flustered as he flailed his arms and tripped, falling right into a flower bush.

Kras winced and quickly leaned over to help Reed out of the flower bush. Boy did this kid fall a lot. Sometimes he was so adorable about it though that Kras was starting to find the trait sort of endearing. “You alright?” He pulled Reed upright and helped brush leaves and such off his clothing.

“Yes. Yes I’m fine.” Reed squeaked, unable to look up at Kras even though he knew the taller boy wouldn’t be able to see his red face anyway in this dark area.

“Good. And you don’t have to vorry about answering my question. I didn’t vant to upset you or anything.” Kras smiled before turning and continuing in the direction Reed had been leading him.

They walked in silence for a ways before Reed led him to the front of a big building, a few floors tall. “This is Windsor. It’s...there are a lot of odd things that go on in here. It’s a lot crazier than any of the other houses, that’s for sure.”

“Thanks for helping me out, Reed.” Kras smiled, looking up at the building. It was a seemingly innocent place, but he was pretty darn sure he had just heard a bang coming from inside and the boys had seemed rather hesitant about telling him anything about it earlier. Even Blaine had said something to Reed about ‘not scaring the new boy off with Windsor tales’.

Guess he’d just have to wait and see what lay in store for him.

“No problem...” Reed hesitated for a moment, and then looked down at the ground ahead of him. Thanks to the lights that were along the side of the building, Kras could see the shorter boy’s face looking slightly reddish. “And I don’t know. I mean...about what you were asking before. I don’t know.”

Kras nodded in understanding and reached out to place a comforting hand on the shorter boy’s shoulder. “It’s alright. It’s not like it’s something you can just say ‘I am’ or ‘I’m not’ right off the bat as soon as the idea is presented to you. It takes time to truly figure out who you are and who you like.” Then he smiled down at Reed and dropped his hand from Reed’s shoulder.

Reed melted into a puddle on the step right then and there. “Ah...um, that makes sen-sense...yep yep. Right...cool...okay. We should head in now, I guess. The others are probably still worried about you.” He turned and almost tripped on the second step but managed to catch himself on the railing.

Once inside they were swarmed by a group of very concerned boys. Blaine was going on about something towards the effect of ‘when I get my hands on those twins...’ and Kurt wasn’t any better.

Kras reassured everyone he was alright and that he had had plenty of help from Reed. At least no one was hurt...besides the bruise that had already formed on Reed’s forehead from his fall earlier.

And, surprisingly, during the walk back, he had practically forgotten about how dark it was the entire time. He had been too busy listening to Reed. Even when they had walked in silence Kras had felt safer than he normally did while in the dark.

The twins popped their heads around the corner and both looked rather guilty.

“Hey Kras...” Ethan...or Evan, called out.

Blaine rounded on them in quite a hurry. “Hey, you two can’t just drag a new kid off and leave him somewhere. Especially at night! What were you thinking?!”

“Honestly it’s alrig-“ Kras started but decided against finishing when he saw Blaine’s glare. Yeah, better to not piss off his roommate so early on.

“Sorry. We were just trying to get him to the front gates.”

“That way we could then leave him and then attack with nerf guns. You know, our favorite...”

“Yeah, but losing him somewhere randomly like the courtyard is just not a cool idea. We’re just lucky Reed found him and got him back here before he was caught by a teacher or another adult. That’s the last thing Windsor needs right now.” Blaine scolded them both.

“Sorry.” The twins answered simultaneously. “Apology accepted, White Queen?” They both held a hand out to shake Kras’.

“I guess so. At least no one got in trouble.” Kras was stepping forward to shake their hands when suddenly twin grins appeared on Ethan and Evan’s faces.

“Kras, watch out!” Kurt shouted but it was too late.

The twins both hopped out fully from around the corner, pulling two nerf guns from behind their backs and aimed them right at Kras, shooting at the same time.

Two yellow darts hit their target – one on Kras’ chest and the other on his forehead. Then the twins burst out laughing and ran off up the stairs.

Kras couldn’t help it; he burst out laughing as well and pulled the darts off of him. “They have good aim, huh?”

“We should have seen that one coming.” Blaine shook his head, unable to suppress a tiny grin.

“Hey! What’s all this noise?” A loud voice called as footsteps came down the stairs. “It’s late. I know it’s the weekend but you should all try to get some sleep at least.”

David and Wes both rolled their eyes and headed up the stairs together. “Sheesh, Charlie. Way to ruin the fun. The new kid is down there, by the way.”

“Oh? Well th-“ A loud explosion rocketed from one of the nearby rooms and a mad look appeared on Charlie’s face.

“I TOLD YOU NOT TO USE THE KITCHEN FOR YOUR EXPERIMENTS!” Charlie grabbed a fire extinguisher and ran off into what presumably was the kitchen.

Kras had jumped when the huge explosion actually seemed to shake the building. Confusion was written all over his face until Reed mumbled quietly to him. “Don’t worry, it happens quite a bit. You’ll get used to it.”

What a strange house.

“We should probably get to sleep though...and Kras has to unpack tomorrow so he’ll need to get some rest at least.” Blaine yawned.

“This is true. I’ll let you lead the vay then.” Kras smiled.

The boys made their way up the stairs and a lot of them made their separate ways on different floors. Blaine led Kras to their room after having said goodnight to Reed and Kurt.

“It’s a pretty big room and generally the others will come in some nights to all watch movies together, so I hope you don’t mind that?” Blaine asked as he opened the door and let Kras in first.

“Not at all. Sounds like fun actually.” Kras looked around and smiled. The room was nice. His boxes, suitcases and such were all sitting over on his side of the room nice and neatly.

Oddly, they were covered with some sort of...was that salt? And herbs? And...charcoal designs? “Um...vot exactly is all over my stuff?”

Blaine laughed, shaking his head. “Dwight did that. He has a habit of...purifying things and trying to protect everything he can from evil spirits. I’m sure he had a field day when he saw your stuff just sitting out in the hall earlier unprotected from whatever goes bump in the night...or whatever weird world he thinks demons come from.”

“Oh...” Kras scratched his chin and sighed, going over to start cleaning off his stuff, “vell, I think my stuff vill be just fine. Just need to find my pajamas and night stuff and I should be set until I unpack tomorrow.” He dug through his suitcase as Blaine sat down on his own bed and set some of his textbooks and schoolwork aside. It was the weekend after all. He could afford to procrastinate at least tonight.

Standing up with his stuff, Kras stretched. “Alright. I suppose I should change in the bathroom...and I just vanted to say thanks again for letting me room vith you. I really appreciate it. And I’m thinking I’m glad I decided to come here. You are all very interesting as is the school.”

“Well, thanks.” Blaine grinned. “And you don’t have to change in the bathroom, whatever is comfortable for you. I have to say though that I did promise the guys I’d see if that upper torso of yours was as built as it looked through that shirt you’re wearing.” He laughed. “They weren’t sure if they believed it or not, especially since I’m thinking they’re still trying to figure out if you’re real or not.”

“Vy vouldn’t I be real?” Kras was confused.

“Er...well,” Blaine laughed, shrugging, “it’s not every day that someone as perfect looking as you is seen around here. I’ve seen some of those statues of Greek gods that Reed has pictures of and I swear you look like one of them just came to life or something.”

Kras’ face reddened. “Oh...vell...I’m not perfect, but I can say I do vork out every day and try to eat as properly as I can. Here,” he pulled his shirt off, showing off extremely well-toned...well, everything, “now you can tell them you saw it’s real.” He laughed.

Blaine was only going to look for a second. Yep. Only for a- oh my. Yeah, those just couldn’t be real. How the heck did he get a god-looking being as a roommate? “Yeah...those just can’t be real.”

Kras did not really understand how Blaine couldn’t believe him. They really were real! “Er...vell, I’ll just...let you think that, but they really are real. I swear! Okay...I’m just going to go change now then...” he chuckled and left for the bathroom.

As soon as he was gone Blaine pulled out his cell and sent a mass text to the other Windsor boys that had expressed interest in knowing the truth about Mr. Muscles.

To all:

Okay...just saw them. I feel less of a man and more like a little boy who was just told his birthday was canceled or something. I swear those things can’t be real.

An instant reply came from one of the twins,

Hmm, we should make him give us more proof that they’re real.

David replied a second later,

Just get Blaine to ask if he can touch them. I’m sure he’d be all for it. ; )

Kurt’s speedy reply,

Just try it and see where that gets you, Blaine Anderson. <.<

Blaine’s hasty reply to pacify his boyfriend,

Sorry gents, the only shirtless torso I’ll be touching is Kurt’s. Next time with my tongue. ; )

After reading that, Kurt had to bite his tongue to keep from laughing out loud as his face went a deep red. Luckily, Reed was too absorbed in his homework to notice the strangled sound that came from his roommate’s throat.

Wes’ and Dwight’s horrified replies,

Oh god...


David’s last reply,

I’ll just keep my mouth shut next time then...

Blaine’s smug reply,

Good idea. Just think of another idea then. I’m sure he’d gladly let you poke them...maybe Reed at least.

Evan’s reply,


Blaine’s quick reply,

Oops...I meant to say something else. Scratch that.

Ethan’s ‘there’s something going on here’ reply,

“Details laterrrr please!!!

Blaine face planted into his pillow and groaned.

Reed had had his phone set on silent and had missed the entire exchange. He would get it later that night after he finished his homework and his face would go bright red as he about died at the implications of Blaine’s words...even if he hadn’t meant to say them.

That night, when Kras and Blaine went to sleep, Blaine was slightly confused when his new roommate turned off his lamp and then quickly covered his head with his covers. Like what Blaine himself used to do when he was little and still scared of the monsters that hid in his closet.

Ah well. Krasimir was a lot less weird than half the other boys in Windsor, so he was allowed to have a few odd things about him.


Reed knew Kurt was gearing up for a round of twenty questions. The look was plain across his face.

And Reed also knew exactly who those questions would be about.

It wasn’t exactly easy for Reed to hide what he was feeling or thinking sometimes and he had no doubt that his friend could easily see how annoyed he had gotten when Logan had started asking questions about Krasimir.

Reed wasn’t even entirely sure why he had gotten so annoyed in the first place.

So he had taken a rather long time with his homework until there was nothing left for him to do. He could practically feel his roommate’s eyes boring holes into him. That was when he finally checked his phone and choked when he saw the conversation that had taken place without him.

“He probably would let you poke them, you know.” Kurt commented from over on his side of the room, a smirk upon his face.

Reed shook his head violently. “No no no, you got it all wrong. That’s ridiculous. And besides, just because he’s gay doesn’t mean he’d just let me poke his muscles, however nice they are.”

“Oh? So he is gay then.” Kurt remarked, folding his arms across his chest.

Reed let out a rather audible squeak.

“Not gonna lie, Reed. I saw how you kept looking at him and, honestly, I’m pretty sure if I recall correctly he was looking at you a few times too.”

“Oh no, Kurt, what am I going to do?” Reed wailed, covering his face with his hands in distress. “I can’t have more boy troubles. I can hardly handle the one I have now.”

Kurt pursed his lips and slid off his bed, moving over to Reed’s side of the room and sitting down next to his friend. “Reed, you know you actually have to talk to Shane to solve any of your guys’ problems.”

“I know. I know. It’s just...” Reed flailed, looking utterly lost, “every time I’ve seen him lately he’s always been around Micah and I just...get so nervous and embarrassed cause I’m just not as good for Shane like Micah is and then I have to hide and I lose my chance...”

Kurt thought for a moment. “What if...what if I got Blaine to just get Shane to come visit? Alone. Without Micah? That way you two could sit down and talk things through. Would you do it then?”

Reed’s eyes were wide with panic. Of course he could probably do it then, but the thought still terrifies him. “I guess so...” he whispered.

“Good.” Kurt smiled, giving his friend a comforting pat on the shoulder. “And I guess you have to think about the whole Kras thing too pretty quickly because it looks like Logan has his eye set on the new guy as well. I saw how jealous you looked when Logan asked about Kras. I’m surprised more of the guys didn’t see it themselves. It was pretty obvious, Reed.”

Reed groaned and flopped sadly against Kurt. “I don’t understand...how can you feel so strongly about someone you just met? Well, I mean, not you, cause I know how much you liked Blaine right off the bat. It just...that sort of thing doesn’t happen to me. When I was walking back after finding Kras...he...well-“ Reed remembered his promise to Kras and knew he couldn’t break it, “he was scared a bit cause, you know, being new and all and left alone like that, and he just took my hand like it was a lifeline and...I don’t know, Kurt.” Reed’s face was the color of a tomato. “It just felt like...like when you go away from home for a few weeks and then you finally get back and get to sleep in your own bed again – it’s the best feeling in the world. And that doesn’t even make sense because I just met the guy so it’s not like I ever left him to begin with...”

“I understand.” Kurt grinned, knowing exactly what his distraught friend meant. It was like that for him every time he saw Blaine, no matter how much or how little time had passed since they had last seen each other.

The fact that Reed felt this way towards Kras...well, it made Kurt a bit happy for his friend, but, at the same time, a bit worried. It wasn’t that he didn’t believe Logan was trying to change, but he wasn’t entirely sure just how much better Logan was at this point.

And what if Logan were to ask Kras out before Reed made up his own mind? Kurt didn’t want to see his friend heart broken. Nor did he want Logan to get angry and take things out on Reed. Kurt was starting to trust Logan a bit more, but that didn’t mean he was ready to trust him to be able to keep his anger in check completely.

“I don’t know what to do, Kurt.” Reed sighed, obviously looking to his friend for answers.

Kurt shook his head. “I don’t have the complete answer to solve all your problems, Reed, but I can tell you that the first thing you should do is think things over a bit and then talk to Shane. It’s been too long and you two need to finally work things out. If you decide that you’d like to follow these feelings for Kras then do so. Commit to whichever decision you make because you can’t just jump back and forth between the two of them. It’ll just lead to problems and they both might end up unhappy. You’ll be unhappy. And I don’t like it when you’re unhappy.” Kurt slid an arm around Reed’s shoulders and squeezed him lightly. “Think that through, alright? And don’t forget that you can talk to me about anything. I’ll always be willing to listen.”

Reed nodded and bit his lip, knowing Kurt was right. “I’m so glad I have a friend like you, Kurt. Thank you so much.”

“Hey, no problem.” Kurt grinned, heading back on over to his side of the room. “How about we get some sleep now? I’m sure things are going to be interesting this weekend. The twins better not come up with any ideas that’ll get us all into trouble.”

“I sure darn hope not.” Reed agreed, lying down to go to sleep himself.
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Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson Empty Re: Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson

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I apologize...I decided to cut a lot of editing time just because I really wanted to just post the darn thing.
Sooooooooooooo....yep yep. Here it is.


Part 2.

Two weeks flew by before Kras even knew it. Settling into Windsor hadn’t taken very long. His house mates had seen to that rather quickly. He was still a little unnerved though at how many times Dwight seemed to pop up out of nowhere in attempt to exorcise him and anoint him with holy water. And the first time Kras had agreed to help the twins with placing over fifty cups of coffee in Kurt’s room he had earned major points. Although Kurt had yelled at all three of them that morning. Kras had decided right then and there that he would do his best to never get Kurt Hummel really angry ever again, because that was a very scary experience.

The homework load was phenomenal, but Kras’ old private school had been a lot worse so the amount here was a piece of cake to him.

The nickname of White Queen had stuck and had even started to grow on him. It was amusing.

The twins had made sure everyone knew pretty fast not to harm a single living creature in front of their White Queen otherwise the punishment would be severe.

Now if the boys so much as wanted to step on an ant they made sure their new Bulgarian friend was out of viewing range.

Kras and Reed had been spending a rather large amount of time together. At first just because Kras had asked Reed to show him around more – he hadn’t even had to beg, as soon as he had smiled Reed had said yes. Now they just had been spending all their free time together. Reed had even been helping Kras learn how to paint, since Kras loved painting but had never really learned how to very well and, as such...sucked.

The twins had managed to get Blaine to tell them that he and Kurt were thinking that there were some feelings getting tossed about between Reed and the new guy. Of course then they had been dropping hints of the topic while around Reed, trying to get him to talk about it. Reed wasn’t that dumb though and generally made up an excuse to escape their interrogations.

It was during lunch Friday afternoon that Kras finally got to really meet Logan, besides just seeing him in passing through the hallways and wondering who he was – cause, hey, the guy was good looking, so who could blame Kras for looking? Kras was sitting at a small table with Reed, discussing an art related topic – Reed had been ecstatic when he found out how interested in art Kras was – when they were interrupted as the tall, blond sat down at their table.

“Er...hello, Logan.” Reed mumbled quietly. Kras looked surprised by the sudden interruption but he just smiled in welcome. Everyone had figured out early on that Kras was pretty friendly and kind. They had never once seen him yell or get angry with anyone yet. The worst they had seen him get was when someone threatened to kill a bug or something in front of him. Then he just got this annoyed look upon his face and would stare at the offending person until they realized their mistake and walked away, hopefully leaving the creature unharmed.

It was as if Reed hadn’t even spoken. Logan’s gaze was fixated entirely upon the handsome Bulgarian. “Krasimir Svetkova, is it? Logan Wright.” He introduced himself, offering his hand out politely, a light smirk upon his face.

“Ah, I’ve seen you about.” Kras smiled. “It’s nice to meet you, Logan.” He took the blond boy’s hand in his for a second before letting go.

Except Logan didn’t let go in return. Kras’ eyes widened a tiny bit in amusement but he didn’t shake the other boy off.

“You have a gorgeous smile and a nice voice, Kras. Do you sing?” Logan asked, his eyes never once leaving Kras’ face.

Kurt had walked in with Blaine and, as if his trouble senses were on alert, he immediately noticed Logan, Reed, and Kras sitting over at a small table in a corner. Logan had Kras’ hand in his and was smiling slightly, Kras looked amused, and Reed just looked like he wanted to sink into the ground.

Blaine looked over at Kurt then followed his boyfriend’s eyes towards the small table as well. “Huh, looks like Logan’s finally making a move. Reed looks miserable about it...”

“Let’s snoop.” Kurt didn’t even hesitate; he pulled Blaine over to a nearby table, hidden by another group of boys. Luckily they were close enough to at least sort of hear the conversation going on between their friends and Logan.

“...nah, I can’t really sing. Honest.” Kras was saying, slightly red faced.

“I bet you can. With a voice like that? Yeah.” Logan laughed.

“Okay...so maybe I can a tiny bit, but not a lot. My parents never considered singing much of anything important so I never got voice lessons. Plus I haven’t really sung in years so I’m a bit rusty.”

“Hm, well then, maybe I could help you out a little bit. And there’s this little concert being put on by our sister school’s choir tomorrow night. Maybe you’d like to join me? We could go to this lovely little place nearby in town that has the best ice cream.” He didn’t even look over to invite Reed with them, still rather obviously ignoring the other boy at the table.

Kras’ eyes widened in surprise. “Oh, that sounds nice...but I’m not sure. I did tell the guys I might join them for their occasional movie night and they’re having one tomorrow...”

“Pity. You’ll have to let me know if you change your mind.” Logan flashed him a brilliant smile, lightly dropping his hand as he finally let it go. He hadn’t given up just yet. Sure it was a bit sudden, asking the transfer student out on a date pretty much just as they had first met, but Logan was taking the chances this time. Besides, it wasn’t like Krasimir was dating anyone else, right? That’s what it seemed anyway from what he had heard from gossip around the school – courtesy of mostly all Windsor’s, especially the twins. Plus Logan was pretty sure that Reed was somewhat involved with Blaine’s brother at the moment, so it wasn’t like the short artist was a threat. Even if Reed was a threat, Logan wasn’t worried because it was a rather minimal threat. Easily overcome.

Reed was absolutely seething by this point. Kurt was pretty sure Reed wasn’t even aware of that fact. Looked like he was going to have to listen to the stabbing of stickers being jabbed onto magazine pages all night long again. Reed’s mother had recently sent him a few new catalogues and Reed had yet to get around to looking through them.

Blaine was seeing the same exact thing Kurt was seeing. Thinking real quickly, he quickly pulled out his phone and hit a speed dial number. Kurt gave him a confused look until the person answered and Blaine started talking. “Shane? Yeah....no...Not right now. Listen, it’s important...nothing’s wrong. Alright I lie, something is wrong but it has nothing to do with me....Yes, it’s Reed, listen can you just...Yes. That would be perfect. Alright I’ll tell him- no. Don’t bring him along, please. Otherwise Reed will just run off again and I’m sick of this cat and mouse chase....Alright. No, I’ll give you the details later...Love you too. Bye.” He hung up, quickly slipping his cell into his pocket, and then stood from the table.

Kurt followed him as he made his way over to the smaller table where Reed was still giving Logan evil glares. “Hey, sorry to interrupt, but I just need to speak to Reed. Hey, Logan, Kras.” Blaine smiled at the two. “Reed, got a minute?”

“What?” Reed snapped, shooting Blaine an angry look. Logan looked slightly amused by this and Kras gave Reed a concerned look that went unnoticed.

“Shane called. He’s coming to visit this weekend...alone.” May as well get straight to the point.

That seemed to have a strange affect on Reed. His face went pale...then red...then pale again as he seemed to visibly wilt and sink into his chair, panic rising in his face. “...what?”

“It’s about time you spoke to him.” Kurt added. “You told me you’d talk to him if he came alone this time and that’s what you’re going to do. I just hope you gave what we talked about some thought. Especially now, considering...”he did his best not to glance over at Logan and Kras, hoping Reed would understand.

He didn’t need to finish. Reed knew exactly what he meant. “Al...alright. I’ll do it. I should go now.” He stood up, collecting his stuff, refusing to look in Kras and Logan’s direction.

Blaine put a hand on Reed’s shoulder and gave him a small smile. “Don’t worry, Reed. Shane really likes you and I’m sure no matter what decision you make he’ll respect you for it. Kurt and I have to head back to the dorm too so we’ll come with you. We’ll see you two later.” he nodded towards Kras and Logan.

Kurt noticed that Kras looked somewhat disappointed and...jealous? Hm. Well, honestly, if some people were just more open about their feelings when they needed to be then this sort of thing wouldn’t be a problem. Kurt rolled his eyes. Then again he was being somewhat hypocritical with that statement.

After all, hadn’t Kurt been the one that had taken such a long time to finally confess his feelings for Blaine, that all of Blaine’s friends had to suffer through Blaine’s repetitive playing of ‘Teenage Dream’ for weeks? Yeah. So he shouldn’t be the one to talk. Ah well.

“See you!” Kurt smiled down at the two who remained at the table. Then he turned and dragged Reed out of the lunch room, Blaine following close behind.

Logan watched Blaine and Kurt as they went, trying not to think about all the drama that had happened between the three of them in the past few months. Sometimes it was still so difficult not to get super angry and lash out at anyone within reach. Even with trying to keep up with his medicine lately...he still had problems on occasion.

“Who’s Shane?” Kras asked Logan the moment the other three were gone.

“Blaine’s younger brother.” Logan replied. He thought for a moment, watching as Kras seemed to struggle with some inner turmoil. “From what I’ve heard,” he added, watching Kras’ reactions carefully, “Shane and Reed were close to dating, but then an old boyfriend of Shane’s showed up and things have been a bit complicated ever since. Knowing Reed, he was probably too scared to talk to Shane about it and has, as such, had to be forced into doing so. Obviously he likes Shane very much. I know when I really like some it hurts quite a bit to see them with anyone else...”he trailed off.

Yep. There was definitely jealousy and disappointment written all over the Bulgarian’s face. Logan was pretty sure he’d be able to get Kras to agree to at least that outing he suggested for tomorrow night now. “Anyway...are you sure you don’t want to come to the concert with me tomorrow night? It’d be awfully boring going by myself and I can see you’re sort of upset right now. It might help you take your mind off of whatever’s upsetting you.”

Kras tore his gaze away from the entrance of the cafeteria where Reed, Blaine and Kurt had left just a few moments ago. Figures the first guy he ever had real feelings for would already be somewhat involved with another guy. At least he knew now that Reed was at least interested in guys. He would have felt like a complete idiot if he had remained ignorant and had confessed his growing feelings for the boy only to be shot down and told Reed was as straight as a wooden yardstick.

Well...chin up then and bear with it. He had dealt with this before, back when he was at his other school and the guy he liked was asked out by another guy before he could work up the courage to do so himself. Sadly, those feelings were nothing like the feelings he had for Reed. These feelings were hard to describe, but Kras knew they were real and strong. Strange for having only known Reed for two weeks...but there was no other way to describe it...this was real.

And now the best he could do was trade what was real for what was attainable. Not that he was all that interested in Logan...and, honestly, why would someone as good looking as Logan be interested in him anyway?

“You know vot...sure. It does sound like fun, and the whole reason I transferred vos to study abroad and experience more of another country.” Kras shrugged, a simple smile on his face to cover up the fact that he felt like he was getting ripped apart inside. How the hell was one able to feel so strongly about someone they had just met? It was unimaginable, yet here it had happened to him and he was ill prepared to handle the loss of something so powerful.

Jackpot. Logan grinned, looking absolutely delighted. He loved it when he got what he wanted. “Wonderful! And we’ll get ice cream afterward. You’ll love it.”

“It better be good.” Kras grinned. Logan seemed rather glad that Kras had agreed to this little outing. “Cause it has a lot to live up to in my mind. You haven’t had ice cream until you’ve had my grandmother’s homemade ice cream. She makes a whole bunch of different flavors too, the best.”

“Hm, well then, I’ll apologize ahead of time because homemade ice cream sounds a lot better than this stuff.” Logan laughed.

“I’m sure it’ll still be good though.” Kras smiled.

Logan looked down at his watch and sighed, standing. “I have to go. I’ll pick you up tomorrow afternoon cause it’ll be a short drive. We’ll be back in time for curfew, plus I don’t want your dorm mates to think I did anything terrible to you.”

“Oh nah, they vouldn’t think that.” Kras chuckled. “You’re rather nice.”

Apparently they’re keeping you in the dark, Krasimir Svetkova. I’m not nice at all...even though I’ve been honestly trying to get better. My thoughts still aren’t that nice... Logan smiled, reaching out to lightly brush Kras’ cheek, feeling the warmth it radiated as Kras’ cheeks reddened. “You’re the nice one.” He spoke lightly, quietly, as he dropped his hand then turned to leave.

Pausing for a moment he turned back and grinned. “And next week, Monday afternoon at five, we’re going to meet in the music hall and I’m going to help get that gorgeous voice of yours back up to shape. If it’s as good as I think it’s going to be then I’m going to make sure you get into the Warblers. Farewell!”

And with that he was gone.

Kras watched in a slight daze as Logan walked off and disappeared around the corner. Okay. He had definitely just agreed to go out for an evening with a guy he knew practically nothing about. All he knew about Logan was that he was an extremely talented singer, but he wasn’t entirely well liked by the most of Windsor house.

Then Kras remembered Reed. Reed...

“Crap.” He let his head fall down and hit the table. They had practically ignored Reed while talking until Blaine and Kurt had shown up. Reed had looked absolutely pissed off until Shane was mentioned. Then he had just looked utterly miserable. Kras felt terrible, but what could he do about it now?

Hopefully things worked out with that Shane fellow and he could make Reed happy, because Kras never wanted to see him upset or miserable again. Then again...Kras couldn’t help hoping that things didn’t work out between Reed and Shane, because then maybe, just maybe, he would have a chance.

Kras grabbed his stuff and headed out of the cafeteria. Just one more class and he was done for the day.


“Reed!” Kurt pounded on the bathroom door. Blaine was sitting on Kurt’s bed, looking slightly scared by his boyfriend. Kurt had been pounding on the door for a good ten minutes now. He was determined, and scarily so. “Don’t you dare make me come in there, because I swear to god I will...” the door opened and a miserable sight met their eyes.

Reed’s eyes were red, as was his nose, and he looked like someone had just destroyed one of his favorite pieces of the new Alexander McQueen collection and told him there would never ever be another one ever again.

Goodness knows Kurt would cry over that. And probably kill someone, but that wasn’t something one would expect from Reed.

“Arrrrghhhh, come on, Reed. I told you something like this was going to happen.” Kurt grabbed his friend’s arm and dragged him the rest of the way out of the bathroom to push him down onto his bed next to Blaine.

“But...” Reed sniffled and looked down at the floor miserably, “I didn’t think Logan would...you know...”

“Not waste any time unlike you?” Blaine helped out. It didn’t have the best effect as Reed let out a strangled sob. Kurt shot Blaine a ‘you aren’t helping make this any easier’ look.

“Look,” Kurt sat down on the other side of Reed, giving him a serious look, “seeing you like this...Reed, you really like Kras. Like, really really. You don’t cry like this over someone you only have a simple crush on. I can attest to that.” He tried to resist looking over at Blaine but it was sort of difficult. “And if you were to talk to Shane tomorrow afternoon and tell him that you were still interested in having a relationship with him you would be lying. And that’s not going to do either you or Shane any good because you’ll just regret the entire time you spend with him because you’ll be constantly thinking about Kras and what you could have if you were with him instead. Are you following me?”

Reed nodded, hiccupping a tiny bit as he grabbed the box of tissues sitting next to Kurt’s bed so he could blow his nose.

“Good. So...as much as I really like Shane and don’t want to see him upset, nor, I believe, does Blaine, I don’t think it’s fair at all for you to pretty much lead him on when you don’t have such strong feelings for him and your mind and heart won’t be in the relationship. Maybe in time things will get better, but right now they’re not. And you might make some poor decisions because of your current state that you’ll regret later. I’m not necessarily telling you what you should or shouldn’t do; I’m just trying to make sure you understand what will happen if you make the wrong choice and pursue a relationship with someone you’re not completely interested in.”

“Wait...that was contradictory there...” Reed and Blaine both gave Kurt a puzzled look.

Kurt just blinked. “What? I like telling people what to do sometimes. Besides, you know I’m right either way.”

Reed bit his lip, considering what Kurt had just explained to him. It was true. If he did tell Shane tomorrow that he wanted to still possibly pursue a relationship with him it wouldn’t be fair to Shane because now all Reed could think about was Kras. He would be miserable because he would keep asking himself ‘what if?’ and those ‘what ifs’ wouldn’t get him anywhere.

Like, what if he had asked Kras out on a date before Logan had? Not that Reed could have done that anyway – he would have been far too embarrassed and nervous to ask Kras on a date. And besides, what could someone as gorgeous and as perfect as Krasimir want with someone as...normal and plain and boring as Reed? Someone he would have to watch out for all the time because Reed was so horribly klutzy and prone to tripping over everything and nothing all the same.

Obviously taking two weeks to figure that out was not a good idea because now he just felt absolutely miserable. It wasn’t like he had even seen any signs that Kras may have any sort of feelings for him. Unless he had just been oblivious to them.

“You’re right, Kurt.” Reed finally nodded in agreement, his voice barely audible. Kurt gave him a look that said ‘yeah, when am I ever not right?’ (well, there had been a few times...but generally Kurt was right and that was the end of it) “I can’t do that to Shane. It’s not fair to him. And, no, it’s not fair to me either. Alright...” he took a deep breath, “I can do this. I’m sorry, Blaine. I don’t want to hurt your brother...”

“It’s okay, Reed.” Blaine gave him a reassuring smile. “I understand. Honestly, if you don’t have feelings for someone why push it and try to make something work that will just fail in the end? Just...well, I know you, you’ll do your best to let him down gently at least.”

Reed nodded, sighing in frustration. Why did some things have to be so complicated?


The concert was amazing. Kras and Logan were both impressed by the performances, though Logan had actually been more interested in watching Kras the entire time.

They decided instead of taking the car they would just walk to the ice cream shop. After all it was a wonderful afternoon and the weather was perfect.

Kras was slightly surprised when Logan held the door open for him. Usually Kras was the one who played the gentlemanly role in all his past relationships or dates...or even just friendships, this wasn’t considered a date, was it? He wasn’t going to complain; it was a nice feeling. “Thank you.” He smiled brightly.

They approached the counter and looked at the different types of ice cream, meanwhile talking between themselves.

“Oh my, they sure do have a lot of choices.” Kras wasn’t entirely sure which kind he wanted.

“Well...” Logan grinned, pointing a few out, “I’ve tried a lot of these before. It all depends on what you’re in the mood for.” He knew what he was in the mood for. The Bulgarian’s lips were delicious looking and Logan had definitely been wondering what it’d feel like to kiss them. He licked his own lips subconsciously just thinking about it.

Kras thought about it for a moment, unaware of the other boy’s thoughts or somewhat intense gaze. “Hm, how about you pick something you haven’t tried yet and I’ll get another kind you haven’t tried yet and that vay ve can try two different new kinds?”

“That sounds like a great idea.” Logan grinned. He pointed to two different ones and the person behind the counter got two bowls for them.

Kras went to pay for their ice cream and Logan held up a hand to stop him. “But...you invited me to that show the least I can do is-“

“Nonsense,” Logan interrupted, “you said it yourself I invited you along. So it’s my treat.” He playfully shoved Kras out of the way and paid for their ice cream.

Kras’ face reddened very lightly and he was slightly baffled. Why was Logan being so nice to him? Kras appreciated it, of course. He was just...confused. Maybe he was having one of his oblivious moments.

Generally Kras was good at noticing tiny details about people and was very good at picking up on how people were feeling, but, oddly, he was kind of oblivious to things involving him self half the time. Like when his close friends back in Bulgaria would comment about how the girls (and some guys) would be checking him out; most of the time Kras would be confused and his friends would be surprised to hear Kras hadn’t even noticed he was getting stares at all. Or that time a guy hit on him back at his old school and his friends had been so amused because Kras had been oblivious to that fact and had been so confused when the guy had walked off with a disappointed look upon his face.

“Thank you.” Kras replied softly, taking his ice cream when Logan handed it to him. He followed Logan over to a small table for two in the far corner and sat down across from his friend.

“I think I’ll let you try yours first.” Logan told him, sitting and waiting for Kras to try his ice cream.

“Oh, vell how kind of you.” Kras grinned. He took a bite of his ice cream which seemed to be some sort of Hawaiian type thing with bits of pineapple in it. “Hm...it’s okay. Rather sweet though...like you.” He grinned, hoping Logan would like his compliment. The other boy was smirking slightly...was that a good sign?

“I’m not sure if I like it though.” Maybe it was something that grew on you as you ate it? And then he realized it probably didn’t sound good the way he said all that and his face reddened.

“That doesn’t mean...I mean, you know, I’m not saying I don’t like you...just the ice cream. I should stop talking now.” Kras sighed.

Logan laughed, reaching over to take the ice cream from Kras and try a bite. He just used the spoon Kras had used, not even bothering with his own at the moment. “Hm...I think it’s kind of yummy. And I knew what you meant; you’re sweet too.” He grinned as Kras’ face reddened a bit.

Kras didn’t know how to respond for a moment. “So...er, how’s yours then?” Should it bother him more that Logan had just used his spoon rather than the unused one? Was that something normal friends did on an outing together? Probably better friends...and this was the first time he was really spending time with Logan so it wasn’t like they were best friends or anything. He had never really shared silverware with his friends back in Bulgaria. Maybe it was just something kids did over here?

“I don’t know...let me see.” Logan took a spoonful of his own ice cream, instantly making a disgusted face. “Banana cream pie ice cream? Who’s idea was that?”

Kras’ eyes lit up. “I love love looooove banana cream pie!” he chuckled, reaching over to take the ice cream from Logan. “Looks like ve got lucky here.” He happily nommed a bite of the pie flavored ice cream, wiggling his eyebrows at Logan’s ‘eww’ face, causing the other boy to laugh.

“You’re a goof.” Logan commented.

“I try sometimes.” Kras shrugged, chuckling.

The two boys ate their ice cream, their conversation turning to academics, social lives, and touched only lightly on their personal lives, including families. Logan had gotten a tad bit annoyed talking about his father so Kras had changed the topic pretty quickly, not wanting to ruin their outing by making Logan upset.

Eventually the topic turned to relationships. Logan asked Kras if he had dated other guys before and Kras responded that he had only had one boyfriend before. That relationship had lasted a good three months but when the other boy had moved neither of them wanted to deal with the hassle of a long-distance relationship so they broke things off. Kras had been sort of sad because he had really liked the guy.

“Vot about you?” Kras asked, setting his finished ice cream bowl aside.

“Oh, I’ve had a few relationships. I’ll tell you now, since you’ll probably hear about it at some point, considering you’re rooming with him...I dated Blaine for a good while.”

“Really?” Kras was kind of surprised – they didn’t really seem like they’d...well, he guessed he could see the two together, kind of.

“Yep.” Logan nodded, shrugging like it wasn’t an entirely big deal. Even though it kind of had been.

“Can I ask vy you two aren’t still together...or is that too personal? I should stop being nosy.” Kras flailed his hands, embarrassed.

“Oh, it’s a long story.” Logan replied, his voice sounding somewhat strained. “I did some things I’m not really proud of and things just sort of...fell apart. We’ve been working on things lately, thanks to Kurt.”

“Kurt’s a great guy.” Kras commented. “Scary ven angered though. Never helping the twins put coffee cups in his room in the morning ever again.” He laughed.

Logan smiled lightly, nodding in agreement. He knew all to well how scary Kurt Hummel could be when angered.

Kras could sense the topic was getting a bit too on the annoying side for Logan so he quickly changed the topic.

The time flew by rather quickly and soon they had to leave if they wanted to make it back before curfew.

As they were leaving, Logan moved first so he could hold the door open for Kras again.

“You know...” Kras started, pausing for a moment as they left and started back towards the car, “I’m usually the von holding doors for people so I vos sort of surprised ven you held it for me. Not that I’m saying that’s a bad thing, I appreciate it...I guess...it’s also I’m just sort of confused...” he bit his lip, not wanting to offend or upset Logan, “vos this, like....a date?” he asked quietly.

Logan chuckled at Kras’ comment about the door holding. His expression turned to slight surprise when Kras asked if they had really just gone on a date. The guy was just figuring that out? “Well...I wouldn’t mind calling it that. So yeah, if you’d like, we’ll say this was a date. A rather good one, in fact.”

Oh... Kras blinked. Huh. “Vell, I’d say it vos a good von then too...” he was slightly reddish now.

The ride home was quiet, but comfortably so. Kras asked Logan a lot of questions about the Warblers. He didn’t think he’d be good enough to get in, but it really would be fun to sing again. He was rather looking forward to the voice lesson Logan was going to give him Monday afternoon.

It was just starting to get dark when they finally made it back. Logan even walked Kras the entire way back to Windsor to say goodnight.

When Kras walked into the dorm he about right away ran into someone who was on his way out. He thought it was Blaine at first, but on better inspection realized it was someone a bit younger than his roommate.

The guy looked up and blinked in surprise at first, but then a look of...was that anger? Crept across his face. “Oh, you must be Krasimir.” He spoke, a slightly bitter edge to his voice.

Kras was confused. He had never met this boy before so how could he not like him? Kras didn’t like it when people didn’t like him so he decided to try and be really friendly. “Uh, yes. That’s me. I believe ve haven’t met; may I ask your name?” Actually he had a sneaking suspicion as to who he was currently speaking to...and that didn’t make him feel very good.

“Shane Anderson.” Shane didn’t bother with shaking Kras’ hand. He knew he was being rude but right now he was not in the mood to be nice, especially not to this new guy. Maybe he was at fault himself for not figuring his feelings out for Reed sooner, but now what was the point? Reed liked him but didn’t want to be with him. Shane had had to beg Blaine for over half an hour until Blaine had finally told him about Krasimir, his new roommate. So all Shane wanted to do was blame this tall, unfortunately rather attractive foreigner for stealing his adorable Reed away.

Kras was doing his best to smile, even though he was just feeling rather sad that someone, even someone who may like the same guy he does and, therefore, is a rival, doesn’t like him. “It’s nice to meet you. I suppose your brother told you he and I are roommates now. He’s mentioned you before.”

“That’s lovely.” Shane sighed, shuffling his feet and looking towards the door. “It’s getting late so I have to be off. Excuse me...” And with that he skirted around Kras and exited the building.

Kras sighed and continued up the stairs. Obviously that hadn’t gone very well. No doubt the conversation between Reed and Shane hadn’t gone very well either. Should Kras feel guilty about how hopeful that made him? Probably.

And then there was Logan. Technically they had gone on a date tonight. Kras wasn’t sure where this was going. All he knew was that, sure, he liked Logan so far, but Logan didn’t make his heart beat super fast when he smiled or his stomach swoop whenever they were sitting close together. It just wasn’t the same. Would he be being horrible to Logan if they ended up dating even though his feelings were more towards Reed?

Relationships with others were confusing.

As Kras reaches his floor he sees a head peeking out from Kurt’s and Reed’s room. It quickly disappears though and he wonders what’s going on. When he walks by the door shuts rather loudly, but not until after Reed is pushed outside, a protest dying on his lips as he trips and collides with Kras who catches him.

“Er...hi,” Reed’s face was bright red as he stepped away from the taller boy, “sorry, Kurt kicked me out...or something. I don’t really know.”

“Oh, is that so?” Kras replied, unable to resist smiling down at the shorter boy. “Good thing I vos here to catch you before you fell. I vos just getting back to the dorm, actually.” He instantly regretted mentioning that because Reed’s face fell and he looked down at the floor uncomfortably.

“Yeah...your little outing with Logan...” Reed tried not to sigh but he couldn’t help it a tiny bit. “How’d it go?” he asked quietly.

Kras shrugged. “It vos okay. Ve had plenty to talk about.” He knew mentioning that it was technically considered a date probably wouldn’t go over too well. Then again...why was he totally worried? It wasn’t like Reed liked him or anything, right? Of course Kras wished he did, but things didn’t seem entirely good for him.

Reed looked slightly more cheerful when Kras mentioned the outing was only ‘okay’. Better than ‘oh my god I had the best time ever’, right? Still...the fact that Kras was out with someone else...just thinking about it made him sad. “Well...that’s good. It’d suck if you went and had nothing to talk about, right?” he nodded in agreement with himself.

Kras smiled and had to resist the sudden odd urge to reach out and pull Reed close to him. Why did this have to be so difficult? He could just tell Reed right now how he felt. It wasn’t that difficult. Yet something was holding him back. He watched as Reed tried to suppress a yawn. “Looks like you need to beg your roommate to let you back in. You look tired.” Kras hoped Reed was getting enough to sleep.

“Oh...I’m not tired.” Reed lied as he gave in and yawned. Kras stared at him pointedly and Reed blushed again. “Okay, maybe a tiny bit. I’ll talk to you later, Kras...” he stood there awkwardly for a few seconds and then, somewhat reluctantly and with a somewhat sad look upon his face, he turned and turned the handle. The door was unlocked and he slipped quietly back into the room, not looking back.

Kras smiled and waved goodnight to Reed then watched as he disappeared into his room. Then Kras went on and made it into his room. Blaine was already asleep so Kras had to brave the dark. His fear overcame him enough that he decided to just go to sleep in his clothing and ran right for the bed, pulling the covers up over his head as soon as he was laying down. It didn’t take long for him to get to sleep.


Reed sighed as soon as the door was shut behind him. He ignored the look Kurt was giving him and immediately went and grabbed his shower stuff. Leaving the room again he went to the showers. Luckily there was no one else around so he didn’t feel too uncomfortable singing out loud as he turned on the shower and stepped into the stall.

The afternoon had been a nightmare. He had watched from his window as Kras had left the dorm and walked off with Logan. Not too long after that Blaine had showed up and, without a word, kidnapped Kurt and shoved Shane into the room, shutting the door behind him as he and Kurt left. Reed had had a moment of blind panic, during which he wondered if he had somehow managed to pass out on the floor but leave his body in the process so he was just watching the scene but not actually partaking in it...but then Shane had awkwardly shuffled over, saying hello and sitting down on the edge of the bed a little bit apart from him. Things had just gotten more awkward from there...

“Hey...” Shane had started, trying to sort of catch Reed’s eye.

Reed couldn’t lift his gaze from the floor and his fingers were messing with the edge of his blanket. “...hi.”

“It’s been a while.” Shane started, sounding somewhat nervous. “I know that’s mostly my fault...but I really didn’t want you to think I didn’t want to be around you anymore. Things have been sort of confusing but I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and I really like you Reed, like really rea-“

“Wait...” Reed cut Shane off, feeling even more nervous himself and uncomfortable now that he had done so, “before this...before you say anything more, I have to tell you something.”

Now Shane looked a combination of even more nervous, yet slightly hopeful. Reed already felt terrible and he cursed the hot moisture building in his eyes.

“I like you, Shane. I like you a lot...but I can’t like you anymore than just a lot. It’s always just going to be that.” It was too hard for him to look Shane in the eye. He must look so upset right now and Reed couldn’t see that. He felt so guilty. “There’s someone else and even though we haven’t known each other for very long I feel like...like we fit together. I’m sorry, Shane. I really am. I just couldn’t continue pursuing anything with you beyond friendship when my heart wouldn’t completely be in it. It’s not fair to you.”

He paused and waited silently for a bit to see if Shane would respond. It seemed to be forever but then finally he heard a quiet voice respond. “I see...” the sadness in his voice broke Reed’s heart and made him feel worse. He felt stupid for the hot tears that were sliding down his cheeks now. “I wish I would have realized my feelings sooner...maybe I would have had a chance.” Shane stood, not sure where to look at the moment so he settled for the door. Sadness gripped at his chest and it was painful. “Whoever this other person is...I hope they take care of you and make you happy. Otherwise I’ll be after them. And if...” his voice was choking slightly, “if you ever want to give me a chance I’ll be waiting.”

Reed felt even guiltier at that. Without even thinking he reached out and lightly touched Shane’s hand.

Shane felt Reed’s hand and wanted to take it in his own and never let go...but he had to. He had to accept the fact that things weren’t going to work out between them. “I’ll see you around, Reed.” He crossed the short distance to the door and quietly slipped out, heading over to his brother’s room. Now besides being upset, he was very curious about whom this ‘other person’ was. The thought of there even being another person made him angry. Blaine must know something about this.

Reed looked up and watched as Shane left his room. He felt sad, like he had just lost a very good friend. The tears were still sliding down his face and it seemed like ages until they finally stopped.

It wasn’t until later that Kurt finally came back. He spotted Reed lying amidst a sea of half doodled on sheets of paper and sighed. Blaine had already informed him of how the talk between Reed and Shane had gone and about how Shane was rather angry and upset at the moment.

Apparently his roommate wasn’t too happy right now either. Reed’s eyes were red and puffy and Kurt winced at the sight of them. He had gone over and sat down next to his friend, shoving the sheets of doodles aside. They had talked for over two hours, not even just about what was wrong. Just about...anything.

Around the time it was getting a bit darker out, Kurt had started taking to peeking his head out the door. Apparently he was hoping that seeing the transfer student would cheer Reed up a bit...somehow. When he had spotted Kras walking up the steps, Kurt had immediately ducked his head back in and waited just a few seconds longer before shoving Reed out the door and shutting it behind him...

And then that conversation had happened and now Reed was here taking a shower and hoping the hot water could drown his sadness right out of him. He didn’t stand a chance against Logan. Kras would surely like him more than he’d like Reed. Sure Logan had his problems...but it seemed like he had been just a real gentleman to Kras so far.

Yeah...Reed didn’t stand a chance.

He went to sleep that night feeling more tired and sad than he had in a long time.


Five o’clock Monday afternoon came rather slowly. Kras was waiting in the practice room in the music hall that Logan had told him to wait in. He was feeling slightly nervous because he was sure his voice wasn’t going to be all that good and then Logan would be unimpressed. To be honest, Kras was sort of distracted because he couldn’t stop thinking about Reed, but he was going to make sure his attention was focused once Logan arrived.

He spotted a guitar over in the corner and, grinning to himself, went over to pick it up. Sitting down on the piano bench, he tuned the guitar up and then started strumming, picking out a few notes here or there. Logan hadn’t arrived yet so after a bit Kras started humming to himself. Soon he was singing, quietly to himself and then louder as he grew more confident that he didn’t sound too terribly bad.

Why do birds suddenly appear
Everytime you are near?
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you.

Why do stars fall down from the sky?
Every time you walk by?
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you.

He heard the door open as he played and only looked up to watch Logan walk in, who had an amused yet curious look upon his face, and continued singing.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true;
So they sprinkled moondust in your hair,
A golden starlight in your eyes of blue.

Logan walked over and sat down on the bench next to Kras, leaning back against the piano and watching silently, looking rather pleased.

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around;
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you.

Kras continued playing through the bridge, a slightly embarrassed look upon his face as he grinned at Logan then looked down at the strings as he played. He only looked up again once he started singing again.

On the day that you were born
The angels got together
And decided to create a dream come true;
So they sprinkled moondust in your hair,
A golden starlight in your eyes of blue.

That is why all the girls in town
Follow you all around;
Just like me
They long to be
Close to you.

Just like me
They long to be...
Close to you.

Kras stopped playing and, his face rather red, looked back down at the guitar in his hands. “So...how vos that? Bit rusty from not singing in years, huh?”

He was startled by Logan’s sudden laugh. “Are you kidding? You have a great voice.” He reached over and plucked the guitar from Kras’ grasp. “I was sort of surprised when I came into the room and heard you singing. Figured I’d have to teach you some warm ups and work on some flat notes or something, but you were perfect. You don’t need my help at all.”

Kras gave Logan an embarrassed yet pleased smile. “Thanks...though I’ll admit I vos looking forvard to this little lesson being longer.” He honestly could say he liked spending time with Logan, even if it wasn’t entirely for romantic reasons.

“I think we can still spend some time together.” Logan grinned and started strumming a few notes on the instrument. “I want to sing something for you first and then we’ll go get coffee. How about that?” Kras nodded in response to that and then sat back as he waited for the other boy to start singing. He had heard Logan was good so he was quite curious to hear him sing.

And he wasn’t disappointed. Logan’s voice was immaculate as the notes floated into the air along with the sounds from the guitar.

I’m wearing thin,
I couldn’t tell you
The city I’m in, the streets and the buildings,
The places I’ve been, where the stars are going;
If it’s daylight again, or where the time went;
Oh who can save me now?

Logan looked up into Kras’ eyes as he started on the chorus, a small smile upon his face.

My life in the rearview,
I’m running from Jesus.
Don’t know where I’m going to.
Got nothing to lose,
I’m fighting my demons;
Been looking for someone like you.
I’ve been looking for someone like you.

So sing me a song I know all the words to,
And I’ll sing along;
Could you be my savior?
Been out here too long,
And now just been looking for
Some where to belong,
Believe, holding on,
Can you save me now?

My life in the rearview,
I’m running from Jesus.
Don’t know where I’m going to.
Got nothing to lose,
I’m fighting my demons;
Been looking for someone like you,
I’ve been looking for someone like you.

Kras was entranced by Logan’s voice, and caught by the blond haired boy’s gaze. Sure he may not feel entirely romantically inclined towards Logan, but he couldn’t help feel that the song was directed towards him in some way and that made him blush and feel slightly flattered.

When the stars explode,
And I’m holding on,
When they start to see the smoke
When I finally burn out,
I’ll need someone to carry me home safe and sound...

Logan could only hope singing this to Kras wasn’t about to scare him off. He was determined to do everything right this time. Didn’t he deserve to finally have someone return his feelings as well? He knew Kras had some sort of feelings towards Reed, but maybe if Logan worked hard enough things would turn around in his favor. He wanted to get what he wanted this time. Not lose it like everything else he had lost. And okay, he’d admit he was only interested in the transfer student at first because he was extremely attractive, but things were slight different now. He had learned quite a bit about Kras from just their little date the other night and he had been happy being around Kras. It was about time he got to be a bit happy at least. This time he wouldn’t have to worry so much about other guys getting in the way, right? Reed was no threat. Either way...he was going to get what he wanted. He just knew it.

My life in the rearview,
I’m running from Jesus.
Don’t know where I’m going to.
I’ve got nothing to lose,
I’m fighting my demons;
Been looking for someone like you,
My life in the rearview,
I’m running from Jesus.
Don’t know where I’m going to.
Got nothing to lose,
I’m fighting my demons;
Been looking for someone like you,
I’ve been looking for someone like you,
I’ve been looking for someone like you...

The song ended shortly after the last few words and then Logan silently set the guitar down. Kras wasn’t sure if he should clap or not so he just grinned brightly at Logan and reached out, placing his hand gently on top of the other boy’s. “I really liked that. And you’re really talented. I think I’m going to have to find some vay to bribe you to sing for me more often.” He chuckled.

Logan smirked slightly and turned his hand so he could hold onto Kras’. “Oh, I don’t think it’d take much. And thank you; I’m glad you liked it.” It was for you after all...

He stood and gently tugged Kras up to stand as well. “Let’s go get coffee. And if you’d like I can help you prepare an audition for the Warblers, because there is no way I’m letting your talent go to waste.” He grinned.

Kras blushed. “Vell...if you really think I’m good enough then I’d love your help.”

“Oh, you’re definitely good enough.” Logan laughed. “Come on then, we’ll talk over coffee.” And with that he led Kras out of the practice room, not once letting go of his hand the entire way to the coffee shop.

Part 3 hasn't even been started yet...bwahahaha *is dead tired right now*
I'll start it as soon as I can!!!!
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Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson Empty Re: Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson

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Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson Empty Re: Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson

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Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank youuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!!! *flails about*

I feel a little odd writing things so people feel bad for Logan....what? I don't like the guy very much at all...
He is going to have a few bad moments though, so I don't feel too bad.
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Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson Empty Re: Endlessly - a more AU Daltonverse story thingy? Svetson

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Sooo...after this part, I'll be posting the rest of this story on fanfiction.net. My name's remuswolfylupin on there. :3

Kras was not entirely sure just how well he knew Logan by the time he had found the sobbing boy in a deserted hallway a bit away from the music room. He was not too sure either how exactly all this had happened. One minute they were in the music room having finished Kras’ audition for the Warblers and then the next minute Blaine and Logan were having some sort of argument and Logan had stormed off, the other boys silent in the room as Kras took off after him. He was really trying to think things through...

Well, starting at the beginning might help.

It was Thursday, three days after Kras had first sung for Logan. Rumors had spread – most likely from little bits from Logan – that the new transfer student had quite a voice and would most likely be trying out for the Warblers. Blaine had thought it would be a great idea, because getting involved in school activities looked well in the future. Kras had already gotten quite a few requests to join several clubs and activities but he had neither declined nor accepted them yet because he was unsure exactly what he wanted to do. Everything seemed like a lot of fun and he didn’t want to let anyone down – even though he knew he couldn’t participate in all the things he’d like. Reed had suggested the art club, but Kras had shook his head sure that his feeble attempts at art would be laughed at. His little stick people didn’t need look down upon; they were like family. Kurt – who had been listening in at the time - had blinked at that statement. Reed had just found it endearing.

Kras knew he was going to at least audition for the Warblers though, because he did not want to let Logan down. As a way to help settle his nerves, Kras had asked Logan to help with the audition by performing a song with him. Logan had seemed rather pleased with this idea and agreed instantly.

So Thursday afternoon had rolled around and Kras was sitting nervously next to Reed and Kurt in the music room as Wes spoke to the entire group. Kras missed half of what the boy was saying because he was feeling too nervous and couldn’t help glancing around every few seconds to see if Logan had come in yet.

He almost jumped in surprise when he felt a hand briefly grasp his in a comforting gesture before disappearing again. Turning his head to look down at Reed, he noticed how red the boy’s face was as he tried not to meet Kras’ gaze. “Thank you.” Kras whispered softly. The other boy’s face went even redder but there was a slight nod of the head in reply. Boy did Reed blush a lot. It was absolutely lovable.

Logan, who had walked in by this point – having been held up by his English professor – caught the brief exchange and scowled slightly. No way. There was no way he was letting himself be the loser again. No way was he going to let someone he really liked slip through his fingers again. Not this time. And if Reed Dawson wanted to get in the way...then so be it. He should know by now that it isn’t a good idea to cross paths with Logan Wright.

Logan bit his lip, knowing he shouldn’t be thinking things like that. How was anyone going to trust him if he continued doing terrible things to people? It just wasn’t fair. This was his chance to finally win. To finally get what he wanted. To finally be loved. So why did someone have to get in the way again?

When Kras looked his way, Logan put a smile back on his face and winked at him. The resulting light blush across the Bulgarian’s face had Logan smirking. Well, things weren’t looking too bad for him if he could get the guy blushing just from a little wink. Either that or the Bulgarian just really got flustered whenever someone gave him a lot of attention.

Kras’ time to audition came and he stood, glancing over at Logan real quick. Logan stood up as well and walked over to join him. Some of the other boys looked more interested now when they realized the new guy would be singing with one of their lead singers. Kras quickly explained that Logan had willingly agreed to help him out for the audition. Since it seemed alright with everyone else, Kras grabbed a chair and pulled it over to the middle of the room to sit down.

Before he even had time to think, Logan was already behind him – they had done quite a bit of practicing before Thursday – and leaned over Kras’ shoulder, placing a hand on his shoulder as he started the song. At least this way Kras didn’t have to worry about nerves getting the best of him. Though it didn’t really help that Logan had a bit to sing before Kras even joined in.

Hey what you drinkin’, baby?

Girl you're beautiful
You're bout near perfect
But I bet somebody's already told you that
Name your poison
Name your passion
Cause a boy like me just couldn't help but ask

Kras took over, looking somewhat bored yet interested at the same time, as if they really were both at a bar right now and Logan was hitting on him.

Keep on talking to me baby
I'm hanging on your every word
Keep those drinks a coming maybe
We'll both get what we deserve

They both sang the chorus, Logan taking Kras’ hand and leading him up from the chair.

How bout baby
We make a promise
To not promise anything more than one night
Complicated situations
Only get worse in the morning light
Hey I'm just lookin' for a good time

Logan sang alone again, his voice catching as he had trouble not laughing when Kras wiggled his eyebrows at him – just like he had done at the ice cream shop -halfway through the verse.

Put in a long hard week doing this 9 to 5
And you're just the girl to get that off my mind
You shouldn't have worn that dress
You shouldn't dance like that
You got this little heart of mine in overdrive

Kras took over again, making the mistake of looking over in Reed’s direction. Seeing a rather distressed and somewhat angry look upon the boy’s face had Kras feeling guilty. He shouldn’t have sung this song with Logan. Not in front of Reed. He had to continue though, couldn’t stop now.

I sure love this conversation
The band is good, the music's loud
But would you get the wrong impression
If I called us a cab right now?

Oh yeah

Some of the boys laughed at how enthusiastic Logan sounded when he sang that little part, causing Kras’ face to really redden. They moved back to the chorus together, Logan leading Kras about the room by the hand, both smiling at each other.

How bout baby
We make a promise
To not promise anything more than one night
Complicated situations
Only get worse in the morning light
Hey I'm just lookin' for a good time

Then Logan paused and actually wrapped his arm around Kras’ waist, pulling him close, slightly contradictory to the line he then sang.

Go ahead and lie to me and pull me close

Kras’ face was bright red by this point. Reed had sunk as low in his chair as he could go an unreadable look upon his face. Kurt was giving Reed a worried look, and for some reason Blaine was glaring at Logan – something which the taller blond boy hadn’t taken notice of yet.

Tell me that you love me even if you don't

Kras couldn’t look Logan in the eye at that line. The thought randomly crossed his mind that if they did end up dating at some point Kras was never going to tell Logan he loved him unless that was absolutely true. And he didn’t think it’d ever be when his feelings were so much more stronger for Reed.

The rule is don't you ever even talk about forever
But you never say never in life

How about baby
We make a promise
To not promise anything more than one night
Complicated situations
Only get worse in the mornin’ light
Hey I'm just lookin' for a good time

Hey I’m just lookin’ for a good time.

They finished singing to loud cheers and an actual few whistles from some of the boys. Kras’ face felt like a furnace, and Logan just looked quite pleased with himself.

As Kras went to put the chair back, Logan went in the opposite direction back to his seat. As he passed where Blaine, Kurt, and Reed were sitting to sit behind them, Reed got up and stormed off, unable to stand the smug look on the other boy’s face any longer. Some of the other boys nearby were surprised by the angry look upon the artist’s face.

“Maybe he should have spoken up sooner before he missed his chance.” Logan muttered.

“Well, it wasn’t like it wasn’t obvious or anything that he liked Kras.” Kurt sniffed, responding to the boy behind him.

Kras was heading back to sit down when he heard Logan and Kurt’s little argument. He hadn’t been spotted by Kurt or Blaine, who were both turned around in their seats to face Logan.

“If I recall, he was preoccupied with little Anderson at the time and, therefore, I didn’t see any wrong in pursuing Kras’ interests.” Logan hissed, still trying to be quiet.

Kurt sighed, knowing Logan was right...but still.

Blaine, trying to be helpful, added, “You could probably have been a bit more subtle about it in front of Reed-“

“Why?” Logan demanded, his anger rising, causing his voice to grow a bit louder. A few of the other Warblers looked over in their direction, wondering what was going on. “Why should I be subtle about it? Because I have a chance at being happy for once and that somehow bothers you? Maybe if Dawson had spoken up he could have had a chance, but he didn’t. So I’m taking my own chances and I’m not letting you all get in the way. Not like before.”

Blaine frowned slightly. “Look, we were just looking out for Reed. We don’t want him to get hurt.”

“Oh,” Logan stood, his anger quite evident upon his face and stance, his fists curled at his side, “so you think I’m just going to lose my temper like before and take things out on Reed if I don’t get my way. You just wanted to protect him from me because I’m a dangerous person who shouldn’t be bothered with-“

“Logan, we didn’t mean it like that...” Kurt protested.

Kras was frozen to the spot, wondering what the heck was going on. Obviously he understood the fact that Logan had pretty much just said out loud he had feelings for him. Kras also understood that Kurt had just confirmed out loud that Reed also had feelings for him...but what was this about them trying to protect Reed from Logan? Logan wasn’t dangerous. He wasn’t a bad person. He had been rather nice to Kras, really.

“No, of course you didn’t.” Logan glared. “But you were thinking it. I wasn’t planning on hurting him. This is my chance to be happy; I’m not screwing it up this time. I can’t see why you couldn’t just be happy for me.” He stormed out of the room.

Kras’ body finally caught up with his mind and he moved into action, following Logan out the door and yelling after him to wait. Silence was left behind as over half the boys in the room wondered what the heck had just happened.

Blaine and Kurt both groaned and wondered what the heck they were going to do now.

“How much of that conversation do you think Kras heard?” Kurt asked his boyfriend.

Blaine shook his head. “I don’t know. Definitely heard the end of it though.”

Kurt bit his lip.


And now here they were.

Logan sitting on one of the window seats and wondering why the hell he had to feel so damn sorry for himself all the time, cursing the tears that slid down his face.

And Kras, having found the other boy down the hallway, stood next to him, wondering whether he should reach out to touch him or not. He settled for sitting next to Logan on the window seat, silently waiting to see if he would say anything or not, because honestly he had no idea what to say himself.

The argument back in the music room had left Kras thinking he probably did not know Logan as well as he might have thought. He wanted to know though. Logan was his friend and he cared about him.

“I’m sorry you had to see and hear all that.” Logan finally spoke, unable to look Kras in the face. He was surprised Kras had even come after him. Once Kras knew what a monster he could be...well, he might not want to even be friends with him anymore.

“Don’t be sorry.” Kras replied, reaching out to take Logan’s hand. “And look, I’m not going anyvhere. I’m your friend. I’m just...slightly confused as vy they vould think you’re dangerous. You’ve been so nice to me. I know I don’t know everything about you, Logan, but...”

“I can be.” Logan shook his head. “If I don’t take my medicine I can be dangerous. If I do take my medicine though then I can’t really feel, and it’s a terrible situation – not being able to feel. And I’ve done terrible things before...”

Kras thought about it for a few seconds. Why did Logan have to take meds in the first place? There was a lot he didn’t know. “Did...vos vot they vere talking about back there, did it have anything to do vith the time you vere dating Blaine?”

Logan nodded, his grip tightening on Kras’ hand. “I really hurt him and someone else I loved. And then I pretty much did the same thing when Kurt came here.” He looked up at Kras, a desperate look in his eyes. “I don’t want there to be a repeat of those times. I really like you, Kras, and I want this to be my chance to finally be happy. If only you could accept that and give me a chance...”

Kras felt a nervous feeling rise in his stomach. He could give Logan the chance he so desperately wanted. He could make him happy...but Kras himself, would he be happy? Could he be happy in this relationship when he had stronger feelings elsewhere, for someone else?

Logan was his friend. It wasn’t foreign that Kras would do anything for his friends, even if it didn’t benefit him. To Kras, he was generally happy when those around him were happy. And he wanted Logan to be happy. Even if that meant giving up his chance to show Reed how much he loved him.

Kras had sacrificed more before for less.

As wrong as it felt, and as much as he knew it would end badly, Kras wanted to make Logan happy. It wasn’t like it’d be a total lie. He did like Logan, even if it wasn’t as much as he liked Reed. Yes. He could give Logan a chance.

Despite the terrible sense of foreboding, Kras reached up with his free hand and gently turned Logan’s tear streaked face towards his. “I vant to give you that chance, Logan. I vant to see that charming smile return to your face; I vant you to be happy.” Pushing aside any feelings of guilt, Kras leaned close to Logan and, without giving it another thought – knowing after this there was no turning back, no chance to change his mind – pressed his lips against Logan’s for a soft kiss.

Logan was surprised as Kras suddenly turned his face up to his and spoke to him. There was a rush of happiness flooding him as Kras’ words sunk in and before he could respond Kras was kissing him. It was more than he had hoped for. He tried not to respond too enthusiastically as he leaned into the kiss, resting a hand on Kras’ waist. He was getting his chance. After the drama of the past few years he was finally getting his chance to be happy, and he wasn’t letting go.

Unbeknownst to the two boys, a lone figure was walking down the hallway when he spotted them. His eyes widening a bit at the scene before him, he quickly backpedaled and ran off to tell his friends about what he had seen.

When the two boys finally pulled apart from one another, a slight blush rising to Kras’ cheeks, Logan smiled. He felt a lot happier than he had in the past few weeks. “Well, you’re not such a bad kisser, Mr. Svetkova.”

Kras blinked then laughed. “And you thought I would be?” He shook his head, squeezing Logan’s hand. “You’re not that bad at it yourself.”

“And you thought I would be?” Logan replied, using Kras’ words against him. Both boys laughed.


When Kurt found Reed, he found him in a practice room, randomly hitting keys at the piano.

Or maybe not so randomly.

The boy had his head down against his arm that was resting against the piano. His other arm reached out as he pressed down keys on the piano, sighing sadly to himself. Things had not gone right at all. He would have talked to Kras eventually. He really would have. Eventually was just not soon enough. He had lost his chance.

Kras and Logan looked better together than he and Kras would have looked anyway.

Reed sniffled and stubbornly rubbed at his eye, willing himself not to cry over something so silly. No, it wasn’t silly, but he kept trying to tell himself that if he kept thinking that then maybe eventually the thought would stick so he wouldn’t keep feeling like he had just lost someone so special - someone that felt like another part of him.

Unaware of Kurt’s presence, he continued tapping at the keys. He started humming softly to himself and after a few seconds managed to get his voice working enough to start singing. He had heard this song on the radio only a week ago and had thought how appropriate it was. Since then it was always on his mind, especially when he was around Kras.

I don’t know but
I think I maybe
Fallin’ for you
Dropping so quickly
Maybe I should
Keep this to myself
Waiting ’til I
Know you better

I am trying
Not to tell you
But I want to do
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
And now I found ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

His voice was low and kept breaking as he tried so hard not to cry out loud. He didn't understand how it was possible for someone to have such an effect on him in such a short period of time.

As I’m standing here
And you hold my hand
Pull me towards you
And we start to dance
All around us
I see nobody
Here in silence
It’s just you and me

I’m trying
Not to tell you
But I want to
I’m scared of what you’ll say
So I’m hiding what I’m feeling
But I’m tired of
Holding this inside my head

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to do
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
and now I found ya
I don’t know what to
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you

Oh I just can’t take it
My heart is racing
The emotions keep spilling out

I’ve been spending all my time
Just thinking about ya
I don’t know what to
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’ve been waiting all my life
and now I found ya
I don’t know what to
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I’m fallin’ for you
I think I’m fallin’ for you

I can’t stop thinking about it
I want you all around me
And now I just can’t hide it
I think I’m fallin’ for you
I think I'm fallin' for you

I’m fallin’ for you

Oh no no
Oh I’m fallin’ for you

By the time Reed was finished singing his voice was barely a whisper and tears were freely flowing down his face.

Kurt could not stand seeing his friend like this anymore and went over to sit next to him at the piano bench. “I’m sorry, Reed.” He whispered, putting his arms around his friend to hug him tightly.

“It hurts, Kurt.” Reed sobbed into his friend’s shoulder. He didn’t understand why things like this had to be so complicated. “Why does it hurt so much?”

Kurt tried to think of the best answer he could, hoping that what he did come up with was good enough. “Because...because when we see the people we love so much...end up apart from us, so out of our reach, it hurts. It hurts deep down and makes our hearts ache. Sometimes we love someone so much it is unbearable. We want to be the ones that make them happy, make them feel safe and loved, and to see someone else doing that for us...it can be hard to handle.”

Reed shook as he cried, understanding what Kurt was telling him. His heart did ache, and it made him awfully jealous and upset to think that Logan would be the one now to make Kras happy and safe. Why hadn’t he just talked to Kras sooner?

“I have to say though...” Kurt spoke slowly, wondering a bit, “not wanting to be totally mean to Logan, but I wonder how long they’ll even last.”

Reed looked up, sniffling a bit, confused, “Why do you say that?”

Kurt shrugged. “It’s just...Kras seemed to really like you. I can’t imagine he would just completely give up on you returning his feelings ever. Especially after he may have overheard that I told Logan that you liked him.”

“What?!” Reed gasped in shock. “Wait wait wait, he heard that?!” He buried his face in his hands, shaking his head. “Oh dear oh dear oh dear.” But it couldn’t be true...Kras just couldn’t like him as much as he liked Kras, because otherwise he wouldn’t be with Logan right now, right?

“Well, I’m just saying that it was pretty obvious for the rest of us that Kras really liked you.” Kurt explained. “I can’t imagine that those feelings wouldn’t get in the way at some point.” It wasn’t a good situation to be in for Kras. Especially if he knew how badly things could end if he let those feelings get in the way of his relationship with Logan.

Though how bad would things really get?

Kurt bit his lip. “I’m worried though...I know it’d be hypocritical of me to say this, considering I chose to form my own opinions of Logan myself in the past, but Kras doesn’t know how bad Logan can get. What if things do go poorly and Logan loses it again?”

Reed’s eyes widened and filled with tears again. He didn’t want anything bad to happen to Kras. “Should we tell him?” He whispered, sounding somewhat terrified.

The answer to that question was something Kurt was struggling with. In a way it made sense for them to tell Kras about Logan’s past mistakes, but at the same time...it wouldn’t be fair to Logan, who, from what everyone could tell, was at least trying to better himself and make up for those past mistakes. At least he was taking his medicine more often anyway. That helped.

“I don’t know, Reed. I just don’t know.” Kurt sighed, shaking his head. “I don’t think it would be fair to Logan if we spoke poorly of him to Kras behind his back. I don’t want to suddenly sound like I’m taking sides all of a sudden, but he has been trying to be a better person. He’s been taking his meds more often and he really wasn’t doing anything wrong by pursuing Kras’ feelings, considering Kras wasn’t even dating anyone else at the time. Maybe he should have been more sensitive to your feelings at the same time as well, but he didn’t know you had decided not to be with Shane. It wasn’t like we told him that. So he may have still thought you were involved with Shane...”

“None of that just helped,” Reed laughed bitterly, “but in a way you’re right. He really wasn’t doing anything wrong.” That didn’t make him feel any better. “It just comes down to the point that I should have talked to Kras sooner.” He groaned. “I just hope he doesn’t hurt Kras...” Kras was too nice, too perfect, and Reed did not like the thought of him getting hurt.

Kurt pulled a tissue out of his pocket and handed it to Reed. Reed mumbled thanks and cleaned his face off, not really feeling any better but at least able to stop crying now.

“Shall we head back to Windsor?” Kurt asked.

Reed nodded, standing up from the bench and closing the piano. “I think so.” He really hoped he didn’t run into Kras when they got there.

“Alright,” Kurt stood too, linking arms with Reed, “let’s head back.”


While Kurt had gone off to find Reed, Blaine and the others had gone back to Windsor and were hanging out in the lounge. Conversation had turned to the interesting events from Warbler practice.

“So...Reed likes Kras, Kras likes Reed, and Logan likes Kras, who is now probably together with Logan, despite his feelings for Reed.” Evan spoke.

“Yeah...something like that.” Blaine nodded.

“How troublesome.” Ethan sighed. “The White Queen and the Knave may look good together, but I think our little Dormouse would be just perfect with our White Queen. It’s been rather obvious these past few weeks that Reed’s liked him.”

The twins looked at one another, silently wondering if they might be able to do something to get the two Windsor’s together. It was almost like getting Blaine and Kurt together again. And they had had fun half the time with that.

Blaine knew that look, the ‘we’re up to something’ look and shook his head. “Don’t try to get involved with all that. You’ll probably only end up causing trouble, like always.”


“Us?” The twins grinned. Blaine sighed.

“I really didn’t think Logan would be Kras’ type.” Wes wondered. Well, sometimes the people who really didn’t seem to fit well together ended up being the couples that ended up married and living happily together for years.

David nodded in agreement with his best friend. “It is sort of surprising. Not saying Logan can’t be nice – he has his moments – but Kras is really too nice and different than him, sort of his opposite, in a way. Also, I’m actually surprised Kras hasn’t gone insane living in here yet.”

Some of the boys chuckled at that comment.

“Yeah, it’s not like he’s super weird or crazy like the rest of us.” Evan grinned.

Blaine wondered if he should mention his roommate’s odd habit of hiding under the covers as soon as the lights were off, and that he had caught him checking under the bed the other night before going to sleep...

“You look like you’re thinking about something interesting, Blaine...” one of the twins commented, grinning.

“Er...no, not really...”

“Come onnnn, let us know. Is it something fun? Is there something off about your new roomie that you’ve been neglecting to tell us?”

Blaine sighed; figuring he may as well give in, considering the twins wouldn’t leave him alone until he did. “It’s just...I think he’s afraid of the dark or something, because every night before the lights are turned off he hides under the covers and won’t come out till it’s morning. And he always turns the lights on before he goes into the room, and won’t turn the lights off until he’s in the hallway where it’s lighted, just reaching in and feeling for the light switch to turn the lights off. And the other night I caught him checking under the bed as if he was worried there was something under there. He won’t go into his closet either. Whenever he has to get something from it he opens the doors as wide as they go and then just reaches in to get what he needs.”

The other boys blinked.

“So...he still thinks monsters live under the bed and in the closet?” David wondered.

“Maybe he should talk to Dwight about how to protect himself from the scary monsters.” The twins grinned together.

“Don’t tell him I told you all this.” Blaine begged. “I don’t want him to feel uncomfortable or anything.”

“Oh, we won’t tell him we know.” The twins grinned mischievously, already plotting. It looked like they would have some fun with the new guy once October came around and it was Halloween.

Blaine didn’t like that look the twins were giving him. He was about to respond when Dwight came into the room, an odd look on his face. “Hey, Dwight...what’s wrong?”

“I just saw...” Reed and Kurt entered the room behind him, having just gotten back to the building. “I just saw Kras and Logan kissing. It was weird.”

Kurt heard a choking sound coming from beside him then heard the door shut as Reed escaped the room.

Well, that confirmed it for everyone. Kras and Logan were officially a couple.

Kurt wondered if making some of his special cookies would help cheer Reed up a bit.
End of part 3.
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