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Post  Molly Prewett on January 10th 2011, 1:29 pm


Posting format
While posting in a role play scene IC (in character), format like this:
She walked down to the lake and saw her friends. She waved at them and skipped over. "Hey guys!" She sat down beside them and pulled out her books.
When posting OOC (out of character), format like this:
[I have intelligent thoughts to say. Yep.]
Also, The *action* / -action- format is not for RP. Use those in OOC only.
Please use correct spelling and grammar to the best of your ability. The Proper Posting Squad is available to provide advice and assistance if need be.

If you wish to RP, your account username must be your characters’ name.
Characters from other, non-HP fandoms are not permitted.
OCs (Original Characters) are permitted.
OCs who are closely related to canon characters are not permitted. For example, a character who is the long lost sibling of Draco Malfoy, or an eighth Weasley sibling, is not acceptable.

If an account is not used for a full calendar month –that is, the user does not log into that account and make at least one post anywhere on the forum- a PM and email will be sent to that user warning that the character will be made available to other users.
If no response is made within a week, that account will be removed. The password will be changed, the PM inbox cleared, and the account name will be changed to show ‘Character Name – Inactive’.
That character will be placed on a list of available characters for new or current members to have the opportunity to acquire. The original user may apply to Molly Prewett to have the account returned to them, with the decision to be made by the Mod team via vote.

NOTE: these requirements apply to canon characters only, not original characters. We strongly suggest that if you have only a limited time to RP, you consider creating OCs to avoid major disruptions that might impact upon the enjoyment of other users.

Multiple Accounts (effective from September 1st, 2011)
Each user is permitted a maximum of three (3) RP accounts. An account used only for a specific scene or purpose relevant to you is permissible (for example, you may have an account that is the parent of your character purely for your own plotline), but if you use that character for general RP (anything not entirely specific to the original intended purpose) it becomes counted as one of your 3 RP accounts. Members exceeding their limit will be contacted and asked to nominate one or more of their characters to be removed.
Shared Accounts
Shared accounts (more than one user playing the same character) are permitted. That character is automatically included in both those users' three RP account limit. However, a user can apply (via PM to Molly Prewett or Lily Evans) to be allowed the shared account in addition to their own three accounts. The decision will be made by Admin based on the activity levels of the user, their ability to keep up with current multiple characters in RP, and their intentions and reasoning behind wanting the shared account. Each case will be dealt with on a case by case basis, with Admin reserving the right to the final decision on whether the shared account will be counted within the three RP account limit.
Any application to be allowed a shared account in addition to three regular accounts should include the following information:
* Your current RP accounts and levels of activity with them
* The reasons you wish to keep all your characters/your basic intentions for them
* How great a share of the shared account you intend to take (50/50 or 25/75 etc etc.)
* Any other reasoning you think is relevant as to why you are capable of handling the extra account

Starting New Threads
Users are only permitted to start RP threads in the following areas:
Alternate Universes
Miscellaneous Locations, and
The Rated Section

Please use the threads already created throughout the rest of the RP world to keep the forum tidy. There is more than likely a thread available for your needs. If you do feel the need for a new thread, please PM a Mod or Admin member and we will create it if it’s deemed necessary.

Character Profiles
Please fill in a character profile for each of your characters and PM it to your House Mod as soon as possible. Copy and paste the code below into a word document, fill in the form, and PM it to the appropriate Mod.

[center][color=CHANGE THIS COLOR TO THEIR HOUSE COLOR: red, green, blue, or orange (because yellow does not show up well)][size=24][font=Georgia]CHARACTER NAME GOES HERE[/font][/size][/color][/center]

[size=24][center][font=Lucida Blackletter][color=indigo]Just the Basics[/color][/font][/center][/size][size=11]
[b]Full Name[/b]





[b]Blood Status[/b]

[b]Sexual Persuasion[/b]


[b]Canon or Original?[/b]

[b]Generation [Marauder, HP, Next][/b]




[size=24][center][font=Lucida Blackletter][color=indigo]Take a Look[/color][/font][/center][/size][size=11]




[b]Build, Defining Features, etc.[/b]


[size=24][center][font=Lucida Blackletter][color=indigo]On the Inside[/color][/font][/center][/size][size=11]
[b]Personality (optional)[/b]

[b]Likes (optional)[/b]

[b]Dislikes (optional)[/b]

[b]Fears/Weaknesses (optional)[/b]

[b]Strengths/Skills (optional)[/b]


[size=24][center][font=Lucida Blackletter][color=indigo]Where You're Coming From[/color][/center][/font][/size][size=11]
[b]Relevant History (past, family etc.) (optional)[/b]

[size=24][center][font=Lucida Blackletter][color=indigo]Behind the Facade[/color][/font][/center][/size][size=11]
[b]The Name We Call You[/b]

[b]Age (optional)[/b]

[b]Birthday (optional)[/b]

[b]How'd You Find Us? (optional)[/b]


Role Play Etiquette
Remember that Rule #1 at AWF is be respectful.
Use your discretion when posting – try and avoid ‘crashing’ scenes that other users are in the middle of without being invited. There are FREE ROLE PLAY AREAS marked for users to show up out of the blue and start or join in on a scene. Alternately, choose your locations for posting wisely – if you’re intending to RP a private scene with no room for gatecrashers, don’t choose a thread where others are likely or well within their rights to do so.
If a scene is left paused for longer than 48 hours, other users may consider the thread open and post there. Sometimes it is unavoidable that we have to go a few days without posting, but please consider that other users’ enjoyment cannot be put on hold indefinitely. However, if your scene does not require a specific location, please consider posting in older threads before ones with more recent posts.

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