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"Raindrops" by me :) Empty "Raindrops" by me :)

Post  Seamus M. Finnigan on October 2nd 2010, 4:31 am


When raindrops hit the window sill and the sky is not alight,
My heart will beat fervishly till the sun decides to shine.
Right now it’s a thunderstorm and the winds are blowing strong,
And everything I try to do ends up being wrong.
I’m running toward that streak of sunlight but it keeps moving away,
No matter what I say or do love can’t seem to find its way.
Trust and friendship is everywhere but so is my desire,
Growing strong and taking over like a burning fire.
I’m struggling to find a way and my friends are my only light,
Yet sometimes they just disappear and make me lose my sight.
Traveling far and climbing high I have faith and still believe,
Someday I may find my treasure and finally feel relieved.
Until that day the pain will stay because of my affection,
Heart-felt pain caused by the wind whispering its rejection.
One day I may discover that the storm was just a distraction,
Like God alone was testing me to see what’s my reaction.
But all that I can do right now is close my eyes and breathe,
Just hold my own position for now and pray I’ll find reprieve.
The darkest clouds now drawing near the rain is pelting down,
Emotions rising and overflowing while threatening me to drown.
The eye of the storm my lay beyond and heal me when it’s over,
Fixing my wounds and bringing joy to make life much less sober.
When dreams become reality and I know longer descend,
I’ll start to let my guard down and think there’s nothing to defend.
Each moment will be cherished with love until it becomes consistent,
Along with harsh memories seeming just too distant.
That’s when I’ll wake up from my deep sleep only to find,
I’m back in my broken universe and left a different world behind.
But everyone must come to see that the storm will reach its end,
That streak of sunlight spreading wide is just around the bend.
Whether it grows weak or loses power or its boarder comes to view,
It will simply fade away and show skies of brilliant blue.
Seamus M. Finnigan
Seamus M. Finnigan

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