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Post  HorcruxHunter on August 27th 2010, 8:24 am

You'll find no happy mushy stuff here...here there be monsters.

Happy Birthday

To the greatest man I never knew
To playing golf
To watching ball
To Vietnam
To the air force
To the fire on New Year's Eve
To a tree on Christmas day
To the pointless arguments
To the birthday presents
To the man trapped inside his head
To doctor's visits
To dementia
To back when I was little
To Los Angeles
To the sound studio
To Mickey Mouse
To the greatest man I never knew
To my dad

September 13, 1931

Its almost his birthday, and he's got dementia. He's been mentally gone for over a month now, and it hurts to see him this way. Writing is how I deal, so you might see more like this.

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