James' speech that she is intensely proud of

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James' speech that she is intensely proud of Empty James' speech that she is intensely proud of

Post  James Potter - Inactive on May 17th 2010, 6:41 am

I NEVER EVER WANT THIS TO GO ANYWHERE EVER. I think I did good. We'll see how my English teacher thinks. Yes, I had to label the things like similes and appeals and things. Yes, it's just an outline. Sorry about that. Not like anyone's going to read it anyway. I just don't want to lose this forever, as I am very proud of it.

Catherine Tieman
English 2A
Mr. Astle
16 May 2010
Persuasive Speech
I. Intro
Classmates, it may have come to your attention that we, our school, our state, our nation, are in a bit of a financial crisis. Not long ago, we received news that a couple teachers and staff will not be joining us next year because of budget cuts. The state owes us money it either doesn’t have or refuses to give us in favor of other priorities. Illinois has a $13 billion deficit, is cutting $1.3 billion out of education, and is 49th out of 50 states’ education situations. The Illinois education system needs a complete overhaul, not budget cuts after more budget cuts. Property taxes aren’t cutting it, there are massive inequities across the state, and the budget cuts are just too much for schools to take. It is time for a change in the system.

II. In the past, the current education funding system has done well.
A. Illinois’ education system has always been funded by property taxes, and historically it has worked fine.
1. Set down in the Constitution by people who know what they’re doing
2. System good incentive to pay taxes
B. Each district in Illinois pays only for its own education expenses.
1. No one has to pay for some other school
2. General state aid for districts that can’t support themselves
a. taxes only cover 93% or below, state makes up difference
C. The state only cuts as much money as they know the schools can take.
1. All essential programs still there
2. GSA still covers when needed
3. Schools can stay open and students still have places to go
III. While the current system seems to be enough to keep what we need, it may not be in the future and it involves a lot of sacrifices in the present.
A. Property taxes just aren’t enough to keep the education system going anymore.
1. Loss of teachers for next year is evidence in itself that money is running out
2. The growth of property tax revenues is slowing down to a creeping crawl (alliteration)
3. With the recession, less people can afford to pay their taxes
B. While the each district to its own system may work for the rich suburbs, it creates massive inequities throughout the state.
1. As Angela Caputo explains in an article for Progress Illinois, based on foundation level
a. unnecessary government grants – like paying you just because you can support yourself, and keeping money from someone who can’t as punishment (simile)
b. Streator probably in lowest level
2. 10% decrease in foundation level affects places differently
a. East Aurora hit for $7.1 million, school ten minutes away only $732,000
3. It’s not fair that a rich suburban school can afford to have a sailing option in P.E. while our drama club might not be back next year.
a. not fair rich communities support schools and afford nice cars while impoverished neighborhoods are squeezed for every nickel they have so kids can go to school
b. not fair that Naperville can sit in their pretty houses and nice lawns while we’re here struggling to even keep what sports we have (appeal to emotion, anaphora)
C. The state is cutting down to the essential math, reading, and science, but many jobs are being lost in the process and it’s still hard to keep things going
1. predicted 17,000 jobs sucked into the void of unemployment (imagery)
2. Dr. Myers gave me the handy dandy powerpoint, charts, graph showing state still owes us a considerable amount, comptroller withholding
a. cut 25.8 positions
b. stop the technology advances and just work off grants
c. use less paper and ink, be more careful about using energy
d. fees for extracurriculars
e. and maybe cut out all field trips. That’s right folks. If the situation doesn’t change, there are no more field trips. Chew on that (appeal to greed)
3. Yes, we can keep math, reading, and science, but at the cost of so many other things that keep students coming to school, and keep them out of trouble.

IV. Conclusion
Education is important, and the current funding system just isn’t cutting it. I don’t know how our government can justify basically screwing over the future of the country. One would think education would be a top priority for anyone who does NOT want to see America run by poorly educated idiots. You’d think we’d be focusing on a solution instead of just slicing away at the budget and hoping for the best (power of suggestion). Illinois needs a reform, not another budget cut. And for those of you who tuned me out because it’s Monday on the last week of school, it’s time to start paying attention because all this stuff isn’t affecting your parents, the old members of congress sitting around miles away, or anyone else. It’s affecting you.

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James' speech that she is intensely proud of Empty Re: James' speech that she is intensely proud of

Post  Guest on June 4th 2010, 12:30 am

James Potter wrote: ... this stuff isn’t affecting your parents, the old members of congress sitting around miles away, or anyone else. It’s affecting you.

Dun dun duuuun!


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