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Post  Guest on May 12th 2010, 1:12 am

The Power-my 1st book is about a group of people who get stuck in this other world which happens to be their favorite online computer game. When they arrive they meet their characters who are like their twins (Not that Jenny and Mimi need to be quadrelts).
Jenny (aka Mimic)
Their Twins

The Evil King aka The Darkness and The Shadow

It's still in progress.

My second book I'm still trying to work out the name but right now it's Seen by you. It's about a girl in middle school, who reads a lot and one day turns herself invisble not like she isn't already; and a guy, who goes to the same school and is the only one who can see her. The only difference between the two is he is hated by a science teacher and the star pupil of a reading teacher.
Names of Main characters:
Isis Shances- Invisible girl
Mark Vinci-student
Mrs. Stravensky-Science teacher
Miss Ardor-School Secretary
Mr. Roberts-Principal
Miss Kratil-Reading Teacher

Still in Progress

Meta Red is my 3rd book and is currently stuck on Chapter 9. This one, the one I've been working on for a year and a half, is about a half vampire...okay sorry half vampire-half vampire slayer who has had a mind wipe provided by her ex-best friend.

She's a walking diaster...dead mom, dead sis, lost her memory, was unconscious for 3 months, blackouts, been changed into half of a slayer, shot at, fallen off a cliff, poisoned, drained of blood, and drowned. (I wouldn't want to be her that much)
Names of Main characters:
Eve (Half Vampire-Slayer)
Ian (Vamp)
Peter (Vamp)
Vodka (Anabelle [Spy & Witch])
Zack Tweak (Vamp)
Anne (Witch)
Alyson Tweak (Werewolf [Sis of Zack])

If you can help me with improvement on one of these or would like to here part of one, post please. Thanks


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