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Post  Blaise Zabini on May 10th 2010, 12:06 am

In the space of two seconds. i don't write poems. I never have. Just wrote this one down. Cool if you dont like it. It was based on the Holocaust and how if we dont learn about these things they will happen again. And take your eyes off it and it will become so much bigger and out of control. And we will no longer be able to catch it and stop it.

History's a speeding car

You see that car in you wing mirror?
That’s History.
You are always driving away from it,
Fast as you can.
Don’t take your eyes off that car,
Not for one second.
If you do it will get closer to you,
Blink and it’ll pass.
Try and catch it before it gets away,
If you can.
You’ve let it get to far ahead,
Can’t catch it now.
Watch History repeat its self now.

Because you did nothing to stop it.
Blaise Zabini
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